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Tenancy Support Service

Do you live in Council Accommodation? Do you need help to manage your home?

What is Tenancy Support?

Wrexham County Borough Council Housing Services provides FREE and discreet housing support to ALL Wrexham County Borough Council Tenants who need help to successfully maintain their tenancy.

The service is tailored to meet your individual needs.

Some people find it difficult to manage their tenancy because they are first time tenants; however some existing tenants also struggle to cope.

Issues such as health problems, debt, drug and alcohol dependencies and mental health issues all affect how a person can manage a tenancy. Although we can't help you with these, we can signpost you to agencies who can.

The Tenancy Support service exists to offer support to Wrexham County Borough Council Tenants in their own homes to ensure that they do not feel isolated and unable to cope with problems they may be facing and avoid the risk of eviction.

We do have eligibility criteria.

What Can The Tenancy Support Scheme Do?

If you are moving to a new council home - or you are a tenant already and you feel you are not coping well on your own - we can give a helping hand.

"The Tenancy Support Scheme can give you the support you need to live an independent life."


We can assist you to set up and run your home well by advising and supporting you to set up suppliers.

We can help you find furniture, deal with rent and bills, give you advice on managing financial affairs and claiming benefits. We can also advise on insurance and security information and keeping to the tenancy agreement.

Can a Tenancy Support Worker give me more specialist assistance?

No, but through talking about problems they will advise you on where to ask for expert advice on things like debt, mental health, drugs and alcohol, contacting Social Services or other support organisations.

How To Apply

Complete the self-referral form online or contact your local housing office.


Alternatively email us.

What happens next?

A support officer will make contact with you and arrange to visit.

They will spend time talking through any problems with you. They will then agree a "support plan" with you that explains to you what to expect and how often they will visit.

Our aim is to help you to get on your feet and live independently.

In time you will not need us any more but there will always be an open door if you feel the need for support in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Tenancy Support Scheme

Who is eligible for support?

Any tenant of Wrexham County Borough Council in the following list can have tenancy support:

  • An introductory Tenant.
  • Migrant workers and people with refugee status.
  • Existing tenants who are having difficulty fulfilling their tenancy obligations which could result in homelessness.

How long does the support last for?

As we are a low level and ongoing support service we can support people for up to two years.

Generally the support is given over a much shorter period the average is usually just for a few months, until you are ready to manage.

What is more important than the length of time you spend with tenancy support is how well you can achieve your support aims.

At every visit the Tenancy Support Officer will review how you are getting on and see if there is anything else we can do to support you.

Once all your support aims are achieved we will mutually agree when the support stops.

Who funds Tenancy Support?

Tenancy Support is funded by Supporting People Revenue Grant. This grant is paid to cover all the costs of the service by the Supporting People team in Wrexham County Borough Council and it comes from the Welsh Government.

Supporting People set standards and guidelines that we have to follow, this includes an annual review and regular inspections.

The specific aim of the service is the prevention of homelessness.