Childcare Sufficiency Assessment

Childcare Sufficiency Assessment – Parent/Carer Survey 2012

Wrexham County Borough Council is interested in finding out your views on childcare provision. Your views will help to ensure that quality and accessible childcare services are provided throughout Wrexham County Borough for children aged 0-15 (15-17 for children with disabilities).

Wrexham Childcare Sufficiency Assessment Annual Review 2012

Wrexham Childcare Sufficiency Assessment Annual Review 2012 - Word version 5.0Mb

Wrexham Childcare Sufficiency Assessment Annual Review 2012 - PDF version 2.4Mb

As a supporting paper of Our Joint Plan (Children and Young People's Plan and Health, Social Care and Well-Being Strategy), the Childcare Sufficiency Assessment identifies gaps in the childcare market and makes recommendations on how best to facilitate the childcare market to ensure that it meets the needs of working parents; in particular those on low incomes, those with children with disabilities, or those who wish their child to attend Welsh medium provision.

We are very grateful to all those people who took part in the consultation process for the Childcare Sufficiency Assessment, from 8th November to 30th January.  Over 1,869 parents/carers were involved in the pre-consultation, as well as 56 businesses, 56 registered childcare providers and children and young people.  A further 223 children and young people and 34 groups of people responded to the consultation on the draft reports either as individuals or representing organisations, at meetings, workshops, face to face interviews or by post or email.

All the responses were collated and tabled at meetings of the Childcare Sufficiency Assessment writing team during January and February. These have led to the modification of the Childcare Sufficiency Assessment document to reflect the feedback received.  The final version of the Childcare Sufficiency Assessment has been completed and is operational from 1st April 2011.

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Childcare Sufficiency Assessment 2011-14

Childcare Sufficiency Assessment 2011-14 (Summary Report) - PDF version 3.0Mb

Childcare Sufficiency Assessment 2011-14(Analysis Report) - PDF version 4.9Mb

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