Recruitment and Training

The Employment Service

This government agency will provide potential employers with a totally free recruitment service that includes:

  • Advice on the availability of skilled labour

  • Guidance in relation to wage rates, employment regulations etc

  • Practical assistance in the identification of personnel requirements

  • Advertisement of vacancies in the local press; via the internet, on the national network of Job Centres site and on in-house notice boards

  • Filtering of replies and the arrangement of appointments for interview

  • The provision of interview and training rooms

  • Incentives to employers for the employment and training of the unemployed

Independent Recruitment Agencies

There are a number of recruitment agencies in Wrexham, most deal with the full range of employment and all will recruit either permanent or temporary staff. If it is necessary to seek senior personnel or key specialists in a particular field, there are major recruitment agencies in Manchester and Liverpool, which also serve the Wrexham area.

Graduate Recruitment

The North Wales Institute of Higher Education (NEWI) has its own recruitment agency, which deals only with graduates. Most are ex-NEWI students but it also acts for graduates of other institutions, who live in the area.

NEWI is also involved in a number of initiatives which subsidise the cost of placing graduates with employers to work on particular projects. Many employers find that these schemes offer a useful way of identifying key staff.



The North Wales Training and Enterprise Council, CELTEC, is a publicly funded body which has responsibility for vocational training and human resource development within the business community. CELTEC also collects and analyses information on labour availability, skills shortages and future skills needs. The organisation's Client Managers assist and advise companies on training issues and can, in some instances, provide funding for training, although this is usually at managerial level.

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