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Businessline is devoted to supporting local enterprises and can provide a range of services to help established businesses. Subscribing to a number of market leading resources, we have the capabilities to work with companies to achieve set goals and objectives through the provision of business information.

We offer both a wide and diverse range of services which can help your company:

Businessline is able to help you:

Create E-marketing, Postal or Telesales Lists

Looking to target new customers and enhance your existing sales? If so, don't waste time and money generating your own mailing lists, which may not pinpoint the businesses of specific interest to your company. Businessline has access to a number of UK-wide, specialist company databases i.e. Experian and Thomson Local Business Search. Allow our experienced team to create a company listing tailored to your exact needs and requirements. The databases we subscribe to can be thoroughly filtered by incorporating numerous search options, such as the geographical location, type, size (by employee numbers and turnover) etc. of the businesses you are looking to target. Information which includes named contacts within organisations can be exported into spreadsheet format from which mailing lists can be easily created.

For more information on the company details we can provide from the E-marketing, telesales and postal mailing databases we have access to, potential costs associated with data provision and to request a search based on your requirements, please refer to our business search enquiry page for further information.

Market your Business Effectively

Attracting clients / sales can often be one of the most difficult aspects of starting a new business and will of course prove critical to the future success of your enterprise. Businessline, as well as subscribing to numerous specialist resources which can be of use for specific marketing related purposes, also offer a number of marketing related initiatives, which include opportunities to:

A dedicated business radio show called Talking Business is broadcast to the Wrexham area every Thursday via Calon FM (105FM). Various business topics are discussed on the show to benefit local enterprises; guest appearance opportunities are also available.

Source New Suppliers

Take advantage of our specialist databases and directories to source new suppliers for your company. Kompass Extranet, a national database we subscribe to, containing both manufacturers and distributors, has more than 57,000 product and service headings and over 23 million product references, allowing you to locate the exact companies of interest to you. Results to your search requirements can be provided in either PDF or spreadsheet format. Along with our online databases, we also have access to a number of up-to-date directories which are dedicated to specific industries / market sectors.

Identify Market Trends

If your business is diversifying into new business markets, applying for funding or if you are simply interested in identifying future growth forecasts within your industry sector; Businessline are able to offer FREE access to IBIS World reports, which often cost £495 to purchase, within Wrexham Library.

IBIS World is the UK's richest source of business and industry information. Reports provide independent, accurate, comprehensive, and current research on 100s of market sectors in the UK, including statistics, analysis and forecasts.

Please contact Businessline or alternatively complete our online enquiry form if you would like to identify whether any reports are available which relate to your market sector. We are also able to provide access to CCH Business Focus reports which provide information and market intelligence on over 90 trades and professions, together with local, regional and national demographic statistics.

Research your Competitors

Increase your knowledge of your key competitors or find partners for your service. We can provide you with company details, which overview their size in terms of turnover and employee numbers, the location of their premises and direct links to company websites, where you will be able to conduct further background research into each area of interest.

Check the Credit Worthiness of Companies

  • Unsure whether a business has the means to pay for goods or services you've been requested to supply?
  • Interested in verifying the financial viability of your existing / potential suppliers?
  • Looking to investigate possible business partners before signing a contract?

Take advantage of our free credit checking service. The reports we’re able to provide from Experian, are both comprehensive and of high quality, providing the information from which well-informed decisions can be made.

Reports will ultimately highlight any companies with a poor credit worthiness rating and those in a poor financial situation before you enter into business with them, thereby greatly reducing the risks associated with financial investments.

Information provided includes a credit score and credit limit value, financial and risk information, ownership and director’s details as well as performance breakdowns highlighting credit score and credit limit changes on a monthly basis together with payment performance information for many companies.

Reports are available for any limited company within the UK, briefer reports are also available for many sole traders. Should you be working with businesses trading outside of the UK; reports are also available for foreign companies, however a fee would be applicable to obtain this information.

Manage your staff

All companies need to ensure they comply with employment law. Not only will our resources allow you to do this with ease, but they will also allow you to maximise your personnel through following best practice procedures. Allow us to help you with your employment issues by providing free, legally binding templates such as contracts of employment, which you can easily tailor to your company. We can also provide model policies, step-by-step guides, factsheets and in-depth reports, covering virtually every aspect of human resources management. Information is constantly updated in line with changes in legislation etc. We're also able to provide you with both hourly and annual pay-benchmarking data, which can be narrowed down to specific sectors, job titles and by geographical area.

Acquire an insight into many areas of business

Businessline maintains a library covering all the major areas of business, such as marketing, communications, management, human resources etc. The large majority of our books are available for loan free of charge. Anyone interested in borrowing books from our section will need to be a member of Wrexham Library service. Membership is free and for details on how to join, please see the main library pages. We also have access to the Cobra database, which contains a wealth of information for anyone running a business. The factsheets available from this resource can be provided in either electronic or hard copy.

HMRCs free E-Learning tool

The HMRCs free e-learning tool contains relevant information, learning checks and links to the appropriate parts of the HMRC website, which will guide you through the key aspects of running your business, in line with standard regulations. Topics covered within this package cover national insurance, records you should keep, business expenses you're able to claim, self assessment online, paying the HMRC and growing your business i.e. employing staff. Please view the e-learning tool (external link) for further information.

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