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Tendering for public sector contracts

All businesses have the opportunity to win work with the public sector, if your business is relatively small in size; this doesn’t means you won’t be able to compete with larger businesses to win a contract to deliver goods or services. 

The Public Sector in the UK includes local councils, the health service, emergency services and organisations providing further and higher education for example, understandably the Public Sector therefore has a significant budget, with organisations spending £200 billion overall buying goods and services from suppliers in recent years.

The main benefits of supplying to a Public Sector organisation include the reassurance that your payment will be received on time, due to the requirement to pay accounts within 30 days of receiving an invoice (or any other agreed period within the contract), Public Sector organisations are also good customers, in that they work to guidelines to ensure they are fair, open and honest with suppliers.

There are numerous online resources providing information about public sector tender opportunities and contracts, which include:

Feel free to contact Businessline for a more extensive listing of online resources which will allow you to identify both general and sector specific opportunities.

Selling to Wrexham Council

Wrexham County Borough Council publish a “Selling to the Council” guide, which provides further information and guidance on identifying opportunities, the tendering process, information your organisation may need to provide etc.