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North Wales Prison in Wrexham

Project Background

In September 2013, the Secretary of State for Justice announced that the Former Firestone Site on Wrexham Industrial Estate would be the location for a North Wales Prison, the first prison for the region.

The site was selected by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) after a site search within the priority areas of North Wales, North West of England and London. The MoJ is building a prison in North Wales because there is currently no prison in the region. A prison will give offenders the opportunity to be held closer to their homes which has been shown to be an important factor in reducing reoffending. It will also be as huge boost to the North Wales economy. The construction alone is a £212 million investment.

The prison will be a Category C closed prison holding adult male offenders. Category C prisons are:

“Cat C prisoners: those who cannot be trusted in open conditions but who do not have the resources and the will to make a determined escape attempt”

It is a training and resettlement prison where the focus will be on the education training and resettlement of offenders.

Latest News

What is the Project’s Current Position?

We will keep you updated on progress with the project.

When will the Prison be Built?

Lend Lease expects the main construction work (starting with the erection of the secure perimeter fence and earth works) to begin in December 2014, subject to planning.

The first house block is expected to be open in February 2017 with the prison becoming fully operational in September 2017.

Economic Benefits

The project is expected to bring a significant economic boost to the local and regional economy, during both construction and operation.

We are working hard to make sure that the economic benefits — jobs, work for local suppliers etc - stay within the local and regional area.


Lend Lease have committed to delivering the following local economic and community benefits during construction:

We will keep you updated on progress towards achieving these targets throughout the project.


If you work in the construction trade and are interested in tendering for works on the North Wales Prison please follow the link below to express an interest:

All other Non-construction trades can register their interest via email to: northwalesprison@lendlease.com


Estimates indicate that the project is worth around £23m in annual revenue to the local economy.

Naming of the Prison

No decision has yet been made on the name of the prison. In fact, the MoJ hopes to get the regional community involved in this process in the near future.   The normal practice is to ask schools and community groups for name suggestions and often it is run as a competition,   We understand that the MoJ would look for a name that is some way attached to the area or region, for example, Kennet and Dovegate prisons are named after rivers running through the area.   Alternatively, there may be a historic association as was the case with Parc prison in South Wales, with the former hospital that sat on site.

You may be surprised to hear that the final approval on the name of the prison lies with the Queen, as it will be ‘Her Majesty’s Prison’.

Who will Manage the Prison?

No decision has yet been made on whether the prison will be run by the private or public sector.  We expect the announcement early 2015 and will keep you updated.