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Childcare Funding

Working longer and longer hours is not good for business - or for you.  Worrying about childcare will only add to your stress levels. Returning to work too soon or too long after the birth of your child, or after any major stressful event, is likely to take its toll in the end.

We all know how difficult it is to find a good childcare provider and how expensive it can be. We also know how hard it is for childcare providers to cover the costs of overheads to keep them open. This page has been designed to help childcare providers and parents in Wrexham County Borough access funding streams that are available to you.

Wrexham Family Information Service has funding to support childcare providers at risk of closure, to provide assisted places for children in need and a small pot of money to assist people wanting to become registered childminders.

The documents have been specifically designed to help childcare providers and parents to access funding streams and to explain what funders will support.

Accessing this funding can be a great benefit to a number of you as it can help keep your childcare businesses open, it can provide that much needed break for families experiencing difficulties and it can also provide children with a good quality childcare place which will improve their development.

If you need any assistance in accessing funding then we are also available to help you so please do not hesitate to contact us at Wrexham Family Information Service.