Joining and Using the Library

Who can join?

If you live, work or study in Wrexham County Borough, then you can join any of our libraries.

How much does it cost?

It's FREE!!

How do I join?

Just call in to any of our libraries and ask for a membership card. To join, we ask you to produce 2 items of identification, one which shows your name and address and one with your signature. You can borrow items immediately.

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Take your books to the counter and present your membership card/tickets. Adults can borrow up to 15 items and children under 16 can take up to 10 items. The normal loan period is 3 weeks. However, where items are being used as a course of study an extended loan is available.


If you haven't finished with your books, telephone us to renew them or call in to the library to have them re-stamped. You can then keep them for a further 3 weeks unless another customer has requested them.

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What happens if I am late returning my books?

A modest charge is made for items that are brought back late. This is to encourage people to bring their items back so that they are available for other customers. If you return your items on time, or renew them if you want them for a longer period, you will not receive any overdue reminders.

What else do I have access to?

Once you join your local library, you have immediate access to all our libraries and you can start to enjoy all the resources, facilities, services and activities we have to offer - a whole new world awaits you!

We look forward to seeing you

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