EUROPE DIRECT information centre - Wrexham

EUROPE DIRECT information centre - Wrexham is an information centre for all issues concerning Europe and the European Union. We are a non profit organisation based in Wrexham Library and we provide a wealth of information by means of EU publications. All of our services are free of charge.

We can answer a wide variety of queries and help with matters such as:

  • Living, working and travelling in the EU
  • How the EU affects the UK
  • How the EU works and its policies
  • Climate change and the environment in the EU
  • Providing information for school projects and homework
  • Teaching resources

We provide an information service and resources to:

EUROPE DIRECT information centre - Wrexham has several functions which include:

  • Providing free, factual and up-to-date resources, information and publications
  • To provide free workshops, seminars and events for schools, colleges and youth groups
  • To disseminate information from the European Union to the general public, schools, libraries, businesses and other groups
  • To encourage debate on European Union matters such as immigration, politics or the environment etc.
  • To collect feedback, opinions and suggestions from local people and send it back to the European Commission so that your voice can be heard in Europe


EUROPE DIRECT information centre - Wrexham has a wide range of information about the European Union and most is in the form of free EU publications. Some of our most popular leaflets are available to order.

EUROPE DIRECT information centre - Wrexham Newsletters

Download the newsletters in PDF format:

Europe Direct Newsletter Summer 2013 - PDF version 855Kb

Europe Direct Newsletter Winter 2012/13 - PDF version 1.1Mb

Europe Direct Newsletter Autumn 2012 - PDF version 829Kb

Europe Direct Newsletter Summer 2012 - PDF version 848Kb

Europe Direct Newsletter Spring 2012 - PDF version 1.0Mb

Europe Direct Newsletter Winter 2011 - PDF version 701Kb

Europe Direct Newsletter Autumn 2011/12 - PDF version 2.2Mb

Europe Direct Newsletter Spring/Summer 2011 - PDF version 727Kb

Europe Direct Newsletter Winter 2010/11 - PDF version 9.5Mb

Europe Direct Newsletter Summer 2010 - PDF version 525Kb

Europe Direct Newsletter Spring 2010 - PDF version 1.54Mb

Europe Direct Newsletter 2009 - PDF version 1.14Mb

Europe Direct Newsletter 2008 - PDF version 471Kb

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Contact Information

EUROPE DIRECT information centre - Wrexham
Wrexham Library
Rhosddu Road
LL11 1AU

Tel: 01978 292090

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