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Teaching resources for schools, colleges, universities and youth groups

We offer a large variety of publications on various topics concerning the EU such as EU institutions, how the EU works, languages, climate change, and many more. Most resources are print based but are available in pdf . DVDs, CD-ROMs, online and video clips are also available for some topics. There is also a range of posters and wall display materials which can be used in a classroom.

All of the resources are available free of charge to either teachers or students as single copies or in bulk. Please see our lists of resources for primary schools and secondary schools in the download panel. Most of these can be obtained in all 24 official EU languages as well as some in Welsh. If there is a topic which is not covered or one you would like more information on, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Within Wrexham Library, we maintain a small library of books which are available for loan to the general public. These books provide information on topics such as how the EU works, EU Law, EU institutions as well as statistics which may be useful for degree or post graduate studies.


We can assist with teaching about the EU and provide workshops for all ages. These can consist of interactive workshops with a general overview of what the European Union is, to European quizzes with prizes, craft sessions, and other activities involving group work. These workshops aim at increasing knowledge about the EU and learning about aspects of EU citizenship. All sessions can be tailored to your needs and the age of the pupils.

If you would like resources for a lesson or classroom materials we can provide these for you free of charge.


Please see our newsletter which gives more information on workshops and activities for schools.

Christmas Tree Decoration Exchange

Each year we organise an annual exchange of decorations between schools across Europe.