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Reshaping Services (Consultation)

Consulting on our draft budget proposals for 2014/15

Wrexham County Borough Council is facing unprecedented budget cuts as Central Government is significantly reducing funding to public bodies. We have a funding shortfall of £13 million to deliver our services next year and the funding gap over the next five years is expected to total at least £45 million.

We have put in place a five year programme to reshape our services to meet the budget cuts, whilst prioritising support for the most vulnerable.  There is not one single solution that will deliver the savings required, so this involves taking a package approach including reprioritising, reducing and ceasing services, streamlining and modernising services, considering different ways of delivering services, working more effectively with other organisations and eliminating waste.   It is also about improving services as well as enabling delivery at a lower cost.

We will continue to prioritise resources to support the most vulnerable people in Wrexham, with the lowest savings being proposed across Adult Social Care and Children's Prevention and Social Care Services and Schools for next year.

Earlier this year we carried out a consultation called You Choose, to find out how you think the Council could improve efficiency, reduce expenditure and increase income.  In the meantime we have developed a package of budget proposals for the 2014/15 financial year and we would like to hear your views on them.

The feedback you give us, along with feedback from previous stages of the consultation, and consultation taking place on specific services will all be taken into account by Members of the Council before they make their final decisions on next years budget in February 2014.

The budget proposals:

Please read the booklet for details of our package of budget proposals for the 2014/15 financial year.

The survey is now closed and results are being analysed to inform decisions about reshaping Council services.

For further details on the draft budget proposals for next year and the Council’s five year programme to reshape services to meet the budget cuts, please see the Executive Board reports.