Understanding Our Customers - Consultation and Survey Results 2006

One year on, ‘Understanding our Customers 2006’ is the second annual publication depicting some of the views and basic profile of the people of Wrexham County Borough.

The need for citizen focused service delivery is a key outcome under the Local Government Act 1999, ‘Making the Connections’ and the Beecham Report. The need for a better understanding of our customers is also maintained as a key Corporate Priority ‘Improving customer contact and enabling the council to understand customer needs and wants’. This document is once again aimed at creating a meaningful picture and understanding of our customers.

Like last year, ‘Understanding our Customers 2006’ analyses consultation data held by the Council and presents the findings in the context of the Council’s Corporate Priorities. Its production each autumn is timed to feed into the Budget, Corporate and Service planning cycles.

In 2005, ‘Understanding our Customers’ displayed public views on community cohesion, customer contact, roads and transport, health and well being and crime and the fear of crime.

The data in the 2006 report goes further than in 2005. Again it relates to customer views gathered from the Council’s Citizens Panel - ‘People’s Voice’ over the period 2005 to 2006 and demographic data about customers from sources including the since the 2001 Census. But additionally it contains national figures from Mori and specific information from department consultations where appropriate and where available.

It should be noted that the picture presented this year is not exhaustive and a sense of perspective must be maintained when reviewing the information. The picture provides a snapshot of information based on current data available.

The information collected from consultation results for the 2006 report relate to the following Corporate Priorities:

  • Strengthen Community Cohesion
  • Improve Social Services Based on the Joint Review
  • Increase Recycling and Reduce Landfill
  • Improve Customer Contact
  • Improve Housing Stock
  • Ensure a Responsive Children and Young People’s Service
  • Reduce Crime and the Fear of Crime
  • Improve Roads and Transport
  • Promote Welsh Language and Culture
  • Improve quality of the Local Environment

Understanding Our Customers 2006

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