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Consultation on the Ceiriog Valley Federation of Schools


The full statutory consultation has now concluded on the Local Authorities proposal to discontinue Pontfadog Community Primary School.

Consultation on the Ceiriog Valley Federation of Schools

This consultation is an opportunity for staff, parents, stakeholders and the wider community to learn about the school organisation proposals put forward in your area.

Wrexham County Borough Council wishes to seek the views of interested parties.

This consultation document sets out information which consultees will need to consider to take part fully in the consultation process. The process follows regulatory guidance as set out in the School Organisation Code 2013.

The Consultation

The statutory notice period ended on 22nd May 2018.

Following the end of the statutory notice period, the Objection Report will be presented to the Executive Board on 7th August 2018 for the determination of the proposal to close Ysgol Pontfadog.

Frequently Asked Questions - Funding

Does Cynddelw receive additional funding for Welsh medium pupils?

Yes Cynddelw receive a top up of £64,822 as a dual stream school.

Welsh medium schools receive an uplift of £47.38 per pupil for admin and supplies & services.

Is the Federation deliberately moving to Welsh medium as there is more money in the system per pupil?

This is not the case, there is an increasing demand for Welsh medium places across Wrexham. In 2017 it was 12% of the cohort in Wrexham, the equivalent number within the Federation for the same period was 58.6%.

Is the funding per pupil in the document accurate? Does it include any additional money for pupils with ALN which could be making some costs more expensive?

The figures are accurate.

All funding that is provided for pupils with ALN is in addition to the delegated budget.

Why have the Federation spent money to improve Cynddelw facilities and not Pontfadog?

Pontfadog has received some funding with the internal alterations to the kitchen/dining space.

The work undertaken was school level operational decision that should be raised directly with the Headteacher and Governors. Each of the schools receive a sum within their delegated budget for repairs and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions - EE/Wraparound Care

Why doesn’t Pontfadog have EE and wraparound which would increase numbers accessing the English medium?

This is a school level operational decision that should be raised with the Headteacher and Governors. Wraparound is not a statutory requirement and is provided by external organisations in many of Wrexham’s schools.

Frequently Asked Questions - Site Issues - Capital Investment

Would the school segregate the pupils at Cynddelw with separate breaks and lunch times, walls in the playground?

Whilst some internal work may be required to accommodate the two streams it is not intended to segregate, Cynddelw are, and will remain one school.

Will the Local Authority sell the Pontfadog site in the future and if so can the funds be ring fenced for investment in the Valley?

Should the site become surplus to requirements through this process it is likely that the LA would look to dispose of the site. It is currently Council policy to reinvest any capital sales into the Education Estate, this is not ring fenced to any specific area.

Frequently Asked Questions - Consultation Process

When the Post Consultation report goes to the Executive Board would it be possible to present a public response.

Whilst there is a process to submit public questions to the Executive board, be assured that the post consultation report will give consideration to all questions and concerns raised during the process.

When the Post Consultation report goes to the Executive Board would it be possible to present a public response.There appears to be a public perception that the Governing body and LA are treating Llanarmon differently.

The Welsh Minister has placed a protection or ‘presumption to remain open’ on a number of small/rural schools across Wales, Llanarmon is the only Wrexham school listed and whilst the numbers remain low it is the rural nature that has excluded it from the current consultation.

Why can’t the pupils at Pontfadog see out their education at their current school as is being advised to parents of the English medium stream at Cynddelw?

Given that there a only 18 pupils at the school the numbers are simply not sustainable, as the older children leave there could be a situation whereby the Federation are having to continue to fund current staffing levels and continuing building costs for fewer children for up to six years. The cost per child would be prohibitive for the school to deliver education across the Federation in this way.

Frequently Asked Questions - School Language Category

What are the Clarifications with regards Dual stream and English medium?

Using the Defining schools according to Welsh medium provision
Information document No: 023/2007
Date of issue: October 2007

The definition of a dual stream and English medium schools are:

2. Dual Stream Primary School

  • Curriculum - Two types of provision exist side-by-side in these schools. Parents/pupils opt either for the mainly Welsh-medium or mainly English-medium provision which is usually delivered as in categories and 5 respectively.
  • Language of the School - Both Welsh and English are used in the day to day business of the school. The language of communication with the pupils is determined by the nature of the curricular provision, but in some schools high priority is given to creating a Welsh-language ethos throughout the school. The school communicates with parents in both languages.
  • Outcomes - for pupils in the Welsh stream, normal expectations are as for category . For pupils in the English medium stream, normal expectations are as for category 5.

5. Predominantly English medium primary school

  • Curriculum - All pupils in the Foundation Phase experience the areas of learning mainly through the medium of English. English is the main teaching medium at KS2. Welsh is taught as a second language in KS2, and some aspects of some subjects may be taught in Welsh. Less than 20% of the teaching is through the medium of Welsh.
  • Language of the School - English is the language of the day to day business of the school, but some Welsh is also used as a language of communication with the pupils with the aim of improving their capacity to use everyday Welsh. The school communicates with parents either in English or in both languages.
  • Outcomes - The normal expectation is that pupils will transfer to English medium secondary provision and continue to learn predominantly through the medium of English, learning Welsh as a second language.