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Your rights regarding payment of Council Tax

Pay Your Council Tax


If you wish you can pay the whole bill in one instalment on or before 15 April or in two instalments on or before 15 April and 15 September.


You have a statutory right to pay by ten instalments from April to January. Those whose liability begins later in the year are entitled to fewer instalments.

Direct Debit Payments - No Reminders, No Summonses, No queuing

We offer a choice of payment dates if you choose to pay by Direct Debit. Ten monthly instalments on either the 5th, 20th or the last day of the month or by twelve monthly instalments on the 4th day of the month.

Payment Online & by Telephone

Make a Payment online

You can make payment with most credit or debit cards through our automated telephone payment service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using a touch tone telephone. Please telephone 0300 3336500 and follow the prompts given.


If you fail to make an instalment by the 15th of each month then you will be issued with a reminder.

If you pay the missing instalment(s) within seven days then you may continue to pay by monthly instalments.

If you do not, then the full amount for the year is due.

2nd Reminder

If you fail to pay instalments a second time, then a second reminder will be issued.

If you do not pay within seven days you lose the right to pay monthly and the whole balance is due.

Final Reminders – 3rd Reminders

If you have already had two reminders and paid the missing instalments within seven days of the reminders, and you miss a third time then the full balance outstanding is due immediately.


After you lose the right to pay in instalments, the Council is required by law to issue a summons for the balance plus costs. These costs are currently £40.00 for the summons and £30.00 for the liability order.

Liability Order

Once a liability order has been obtained it gives the authority the right to:

  1. Apply for an attachment to your earnings/Income Support.
  2. Instruct a bailiff to seize your goods.
  3. Apply to the court to commit you to prison for non-payment.

But you can also agree with the Council Tax office to pay the balance weekly/monthly providing it is an acceptable figure.