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Council Tax Revaluation

The Assembly has announced details of the revaluation of individual households for Council Tax band purposes.

This is the first revaluation of domestic property in Wales since Council Tax was introduced in 1993 and the process has brought house values into line with changes in the property market. Properties have been revalued as of 1 April 2003 and the new bands and valuations come into effect on 1 April 2005.

New Values on Bands

The band is placed on the property by the Valuation Office Agency, on the basis that the property was in a reasonable state of repair, and for sale with vacant possession on the 1 April 2003. The original values for the 1993 list were based on 1991 values. Below are the bands for the 1993 and the new proposed 2005 list.



1993 Values From 1993 Values To Multipliers 2005 Values From 2005 Values To
A 0 30,000 6/9 0 44,000
B 30,001 39,000 7/9 44,001 65,000
C 39,001 51,000 8/9 65,001 91,000
D 51,001 66,000 9/9 91,001 123,000
E 66,001 90,000 11/9 123,001 162,000
F 90,001 120,000 13/9 162,001 223,000
G 120,001 240,000 15/9 223,001 324,000
H 240,001 + 18/9 324,001 424,000
I     21/9 424,001 +

Band I is a new band created for the 2005 Council Tax List.

The multipliers have remained the same as the old list, except Band I which is new and has been set as 21 ninths. The multipliers are used to calculate your charge, once Band D charge has been set by the Council. (e.g. If Band D is £900 then a Band A property would pay £600 and a Band H property £1,800).

Leaflet Information

The new band ranges are also outlined in a leaflet “Important Information and Guidance – Council Tax Revaluation and Rebanding 2005” which will be delivered by the National Assembly for Wales to every household in Wales. It is anticipated that these leaflets, together with a notification of banding, will be sent to households in the Wrexham County Borough area during the week commencing 13 September 2004.

The effect of the Revaluation /Rebanding of properties

It was widely expected that around 25% of households would move up, 50% stay the same and 25% move down as this was the pattern predicted in the consultation documents on the new bands. However in Wales 33% have gone up with only 8% reducing.

In Wrexham the situation is even more pronounced, with 53% of properties moving into higher bands and only 1% reducing and 46% remaining in the same band.

Relief from large increases in Bands

Council Leader Neil Rogers said “that the results of the Assembly’s exercise are extremely surprising and of tremendous concern. It was recognised that Wrexham was becoming a housing hotspot but the Council was not expecting to have over half of the properties in the area moving to a higher band, second only to Cardiff. We will be seeking urgent discussions with Assembly Ministers, Dr Marek and Karen Sinclair to examine the conclusions and consider what further measures could be introduced to offset these increases for the people of Wrexham. Relief will continue to be available for those people on low incomes through Council Tax Benefit and I encourage all potential claimants to take up this assistance”.

Impact of the Rebanding on Council tax Charges

The full impact on Council Tax levels for 2005/06 cannot be determined at this stage as the setting of the Council Tax will be depend on the :

The effect of these factors will not be known for a few months and only then can the Authority determine what the effect will be to Wrexham County Borough Council.

The Assembly is proposing to introduce a ‘damping’ scheme to phase in the changes at the Council level. This is essential if large increases in council tax levels for next year, are to be avoided. The Assembly also intends to smooth the change for households that move up the banding system by two or more bands. At the moment there is no definite details on such a scheme

The Chief Financial Services Officer, Mark Owen, said “that over the next couple of months work will continue with the Assembly on the technical aspects which will enable an assessment of the impact on the amount tax payers will be expected to pay next year. The Assembly is proposing to introduce a ‘damping’ scheme to phase in the changes at the Council level. This is essential if large increases in council tax levels for next year, are to be avoided”.

Inspection of the new Council Tax List

To help householders, Wrexham County Borough Council will be placing a copy of the full list (some 2,000 pages) in Lambpit Street reception area.


The Assembly’s Valuation Office Agency has opened a dedicated helpline for enquiries about the new council tax bands – 03000 505505. Lines are open from 08.30 hours to 17.00 hours Monday to Friday.

How do I appeal against my Band

You may not need to formally appeal, as you can talk to the valuation office helpline by Phoning 03000 505505, if you feel your banding is incorrect. They may ask you to send them some evidence to support your case and then they will consider the band given to your property.

If you still disagree with the banding on your property you can formally appeal, but only from the 1 April 2005

You can contact the Valuation Office Agency

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