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Housing Needs Assessment & Stock Condition Survey Reports

As part of Wrexham County Borough Council’s statutory Housing and Planning duties, we are periodically required to undertake Stock Condition and Housing Needs Surveys to inform current and future Council policies. Both surveys have recently been completed by Fordham Research Ltd. on behalf of the Authority.

The Stock Condition Survey report, resulting from an inspection of 1,000 private sector properties profiled the housing stock and policy implications in terms of:

The results will be used to establish the future need for renewal and renovation grant schemes in order for funding to be secured from Central Government.

The Housing Needs Survey provides accurate information on the activity and operation of the local housing market including the identification of any mis-match between the supply and demand of housing. The report analyses:

Information was collected by completing face-to-face surveys with 1,400 households across the County Borough. Although the surveys were not compulsory all households selected were encouraged to contribute and take part in the survey irrespective of their current housing circumstances or tenure status. 

This is used to inform the local Housing Strategy and to assist in the review and implementation of affordable housing planning policies contained within the Wrexham’s Unitary Development Plan.

Housing Needs Assessment Update

Since the Housing Needs Assessment was commissioned the housing market and wider economy has changed significantly and new Welsh Assembly Government guidance has been published, changing the methodology used for examining housing need. Consequently, an update report was commissioned to reflect these changes and to inform the WCBC Local Development Plan and Strategic Housing policy.