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Improving Your Home

If you need to improve the standard of your home , or if you need to make it more suitable for your needs, you may be eligible for financial assistance that will help you to do so. This section tells you about the different kinds of financial assistance that are available, so that you can find out if you are eligible , and how you can access assistance.

Home Improvement Financial Assistance

A variety of financial assistance is available to owners to improve their homes, the assistance is generally available to the elderly and the vulnerable within the community.

Area Based Housing Renewal

Home improvements in the form of group repair schemes are available within declared housing renewal areas. The improvements are carried out in conjunction with a variety of environmental improvement schemes with the intention of regenerating communities and securing the long term future of the areas.


Designed to enable owners to have home improvements undertaken utilising either their own finance or through a loan the scheme is administered by the Council in partnership with The Home Improvement Trust.