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Handy Person Service

Small repairs for older and disabled home owners

Wrexham Foyer, Crescent Road, Wrexham LL13 8HF
Tel: 01978 268120 Fax: 01978 268121

What is Care & Repair?

Wrexham Care & Repair aims to help older people and people with a disability by providing advice and practical assistance with regards to repairs and adaptations.

What is the Handy Person Service?

The Handy Person Service is available to people over 60 and/or people with a disability and offers a wide variety of small repairs such as:

This is not an exhaustive list. Please contact the office for further information.

Unfortunately, none of the following works can be considered:

The Handy Person service is provided free of charge on the understanding that you will pay for the cost of any materials used, although donations will be gratefully accepted. In some instances funding may be available to cover the cost of materials, so please contact Wrexham Care and Repair for further information.

The Handy Person service is supported by:

For more information about benefits for older people or people with a disability, visit the Social Care section.