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Applying for Council Housing

To apply for Council Housing, you must fully complete a Housing Application Form and supply all the information we need. If you do not fully complete your form we will return it to you. This will delay your form being registered.

You must also provide us with correct and up to date documentation to support your application and as proof of your housing need.

We check the information you provide. If you supply false or misleading information, this will delay your application being registered and we may withdraw any offer of accommodation we make to you.

You should also be aware that it is a criminal offence to obtain a tenancy based on false or misleading information.

If you have health or welfare issues that you think we should take into account, you must complete a Health & Social Care Form, and provide any relevant information. We will then consider this when dealing with your application and prioritising it.

Dealing with your application

We aim to process fully completed applications within 20 working days of receiving them.

You will be notified by letter when your application has been registered. The letter will tell you:-

Every 6 months we will contact you to ask you to renew your application. This is to make sure the information we hold is correct and that you still want to be considered for housing. It is important that you renew your application. If you do not, your application will be cancelled and taken off the Housing Register. If you decide that you want to remain on the Housing Register, or reapply at a later date, we will not reinstate your application. We will use the date when you re-apply to prioritise your application.

We may also cancel your application if:-

What if my circumstances change?

If your circumstances change, you must let us know immediately. It could mean that your priority banding alters. A change in your circumstances can include a change of address or a member of your family leaving or joining your household.

If we make you an offer of accommodation based on out of date information, we may withdraw the offer.

Can my application be placed in a different band after I apply?

If your circumstances change, your application may be placed into a different band.

Depending on the change, your application could be placed in a higher or lower band.

When this happens, we will use the date that your circumstances changed, rather than the date that you originally applied to us for housing to prioritise your application.

Can I choose where I live?

General Needs Housing

When you apply for housing you can choose where you would like to live and the type of property that you would like to live in.

To make best use of our housing stock, we aim to allocate properties to the applicants who need accommodation of that size. In some areas with high vacancies and lower demand, we may be able to offer you a property that is bigger than you need but in areas where few properties become empty or there is very high demand, this will not be possible.

Please refer to the information in the following table and use it as guidance.

Household Type Property Type
(* depending upon local demand and supply)
Single Applicant(s)
  • Bedsit
  • 1 bedroom flat
  • 1 bedroom house
Single Applicant(s) with access to children
  • 1 bedroom flat
  • 1 bedroom house
  • 2 bedroom flat
Applicant and partner without children/ or with access to children
  • 1 bedroom flat
  • 1 bed maisonette
  • 1 bedroom house
  • 2 bed flat
Applicant(s) with 1 child, or non- dependent or households expecting their first child
  • 2 bed flat
  • 2 bed maisonette
  • 2 bed house
Applicant(s) with 2 or 3 children or non-dependents
  • 2/3 bed flat
  • 2/3 bed maisonette
  • 2/3 bed house
  • 4 bed house (depending the age of the children)
Applicant(s) with 4 or more children or non-dependents
  • 3 or 4 bedroom flat
  • 3 or 4 bedroom maisonette
  • 3 or 4 bedroom house
Single person/ couple over 60
  • 1/2 bed accommodation that has been classed as being suitable for older persons.
Households with a physically disabled family member, requiring level access, or an adapted property, depending on the nature of any disability or illness and supported by Health & Social Care needs. Adapted properties suitable for their needs, or properties that are suitable for adaptation. This may include properties suitable for older people, sheltered accommodation, bungalows or ground floor accommodation

In addition to general needs housing, we also have some accommodation suitable for applicants with more specific housing needs.

Sheltered Accommodation

This is accommodation that is normally let to applicants who are:-

The Council has a number of sheltered units at various locations in the County Borough. This accommodation benefits from the support of a resident or non-resident warden and a community alarm system. All residents receive a warden visit and complete a Support Plan.

Some of the units have been purpose built, or have been adapted to help meet the needs of applicants with mobility problems.

Supported Housing

We sponsor a variety of projects. They involve working with partners to support vulnerable people and improve their wellbeing.

A list of the projects we currently sponsor is available on request from Housing Services, Ruthin Road, Wrexham.

Adapted Properties

We have a number of properties that have been adapted to meet the needs of applicants who have a need for this type of accommodation.

We try to allocate these properties to applicants who have been assessed as needing adapted housing. We do this, by working with other departments, specialist housing staff and local Housing Associations.

Local Lettings Policies

In situations where there are particular management issues, we consider implementing Local Lettings Policies.

These additional policies are used to specify certain households that can be considered for housing in certain areas.

We currently have the following Local Lettings Policies in place:-