Retirement Accommodation

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Welcome to the Retirement Accommodation in Wrexham section. These pages are designed to provide you and your family with information on sheltered housing schemes.

It is aimed at anyone who has an interest in this type of accommodation whether they be an existing tenant or someone who would like more information before deciding whether to apply for retirement accommodation.

Could you answer Yes to these questions?

  • Are you of retirement age?
  • Do you like your independence, but would benefit from someone to call in an emergency?
  • Do you enjoy mixing with other people when you wish?
  • Do you find that the property you live in now is too big for your needs?
  • Have you considered retirement accommodation?

What is Retirement Accommodation?

It is a group or ‘scheme’ of unfurnished dwellings especially designed with the needs of older people in mind. It is not the same type of accommodation as a residential or nursing home and each tenant has their own separate flat, bedsit or bungalow.

A Warden and a Community Alarm Centre provide 24-hour cover in the case of emergencies.

There are 22 Retirement Accommodation schemes in Wrexham County Borough.

What does is provide?

There are some variations between sheltered housing schemes however, they usually provide most of the following:

  • Self contained flats, bedsits or bungalows with their own kitchen, fully decorated.
  • A guestroom is provided in most schemes and arrangements can be made with the Warden if tenants have a relative or close friend who wishes to stay for a night or longer. No charge is made for this room.
  • Communal lounge or lounges are available for tenant’s social and recreational activities, for entertainment such as bingo, quiz and social nights, parties etc or just meet and talk.
  • Laundry rooms. These provide tenants with washing and drying machines free of charge. In some schemes there is a rota when tenants can have use of the machines.
  • Wardens who live on the premises or nearby.
  • Lift or stair lift. Most schemes have either of these to assist those who have difficulty using the stairs.
  • Disabled bathing facilities in some schemes.
  • An alarm system giving a direct speech link from each flat and communal areas with the Warden. If the Warden is off duty the Community Alarm Centre also run by Wrexham Council will contact relatives or the Emergency Services as required.

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