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Evidence Requirements

If you make a claim for Housing and Council Tax Benefit you are asked to review this page before you send your claim to the Council.

It is vitally important that you provide the evidence that we have indicated at the earliest opportunity, in order that your claim is decided as quickly as possible.

Without the evidence we need we will be unable to decide your claim in your favour, in other words, we will assume that you do not qualify for benefit.

Should you not have the evidence we require at the time you want to make your claim for benefit, do not delay sending your benefit application form to us otherwise you may lose out on some benefit. You will be asked to provide the evidence later.

The checklist can also be found within the application form for Housing and Council Tax Benefit.

What now?

Now you have made your claim for Housing and Council Tax Benefit you may wish to know more about who is entitled to claim Housing and Council Tax Benefit, how we calculate your entitlement, and how and when you will receive your benefits, if so, please go to the New Claimants page.