Introduction to Benefit Fraud

Wrexham County Borough Council treats benefit fraud extremely seriously.

Whilst we respect that the majority of the people who claim benefits are honest, the minority who steal benefits are costing every other law-abiding taxpayer in Wrexham.

Wrexham County Borough Council recognises that as well as causing financial loss, benefit fraud is detrimental to the provision of services, and damages the reputation of, and confidence in, the Council and other public bodies.

If you are caught committing benefit fraud the Council will take appropriate action that could lead to a criminal conviction and a prison sentence.

What information will I find within these pages?

This website will explain:

  • What is benefit fraud?
  • What action we take if fraud is reported and suspected
  • How to report benefit fraud
  • The Verification Framework
  • Our Anti-Fraud and Corruption strategy
  • What the National Fraud Initiative is
  • Our Sanctions Policy
  • The law governing benefit fraud, detection and prosecution.

There are also two further sections which highlight how successful we are in detecting and preventing benefit fraud:

  • Our annual performance statistics
  • And a summary of convictions achieved over the past 3 years.

Insurance Fraud

Fraudulent insurance claims against Local Authorities can cost the Council Taxpayer thousands of pounds each year.  Councils regularly receive false claims from a minority of people who fraudulently claim to have been injured or had their property damaged.

If you suspect someone of making a fraudulent insurance claim then please contact the confidential freephone hotline number.

Tel: 0800 3289270

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