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What affect does a non-dependant have?

The amount of Housing and Council Tax Benefit that you are entitled to may be reduced for each non dependant living in your home. This is known as a non dependant deduction.

There are certain non-dependants who are not subject to non dependant deductions, they are:

There are other less common reasons for no deduction being taken from your benefit, and we will advise of these should the circumstances arise.

There are also scenarios based upon the circumstances of the claimant and / or their partner which will result in no deduction being taken. These are:

The non-dependant deduction that we will take from your benefit will be based upon the non-dependant’s income, and will be set against one of 6 deduction bands.

Please note that if there are more than one non-dependant persons living in your household we will take a separate deduction for each, assuming that they are not married. If the non-dependant is married we take a deduction appropriate to the person with the highest earnings within the couple.

The non-dependant deduction bands are:

Summary of Weekly Non-dependant Deduction Rates
Applicable 1.4.2010 – 31.3.2011
Gross earnings HB Deduction CTB Deduction
£382.00 per week or more £47.75 £6.95
£306.00 and £381.99 £43.50 £5.80
£231.00 and £305.99 £38.20 £4.60
£178.00 and £230.99 £23.35 £4.60
£120.00 and £177.99 £17.00 £2.30
£120.00 per week or less £7.40 £2.30
All other income except earnings £7.40 £2.30