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Second Adult Rebate

Second Adult Rebate (2AR) is another way to get help to reduce your Council Tax Bill even if you are unable to claim Council Tax Benefit yourself. This is because 2AR is based upon the incomes of the people you live with. The maximum amount of help you could get is 25% of your Council Tax liability, equivalent to the discount you would receive if you were living alone. Please note it is possible to receive 2AR even if there are more then one second adults living with you.

Who can claim Second Adult Rebate?

The person liable for the Council Tax on the property must make the claim in respect of second adult(s) that lives with them. Normally a second adult will be a non-dependant and not counted as a disregarded person for Council Tax purposes.

The people we do not classify as second adults are:

It is very unusual for a couple to be eligible for 2AR and would require the partner to be deemed as a disregarded person and there to be another adult resident who does not fit into the above conditions.

How do I claim?

Please complete the full, standard claim form in the Claim Forms section. You will also need to provide proof of your National Insurance Number and proof of evidence as well as proof of your second adult’s income including proof of their earnings, state benefits, unearned income, and any income actually earned from their capital. There is no requirement to supply your income and capital details – it is possible to be a millionaire and receive 2AR if the second adult in your home meets the conditions of entitlement.

How much benefit will I get?

The amount of rebate will be 25%, 15% or 7.5% of your weekly Council Tax liability dependent upon the second adult’s gross income.

If the second adult is on Income Support (IS), income based Jobseekers Allowance (JSAIB) or Pension Credit (PC) you will receive a 25% rebate.

Where the second adult is not on IS, JSAIB or PC the level of gross income will determine the amount of rebate awarded as follows:

Gross income under £175.00 per week 15%
Gross income between £175.00 and £227.99 per week 7.5%
Gross income above £228.00 per week Nil

If there is more than one second adult resident in your home it will be necessary to combine their gross incomes, excluding those in receipt of IS, JSAIB or PC, whose income is disregarded. The rebate percentages and combined income levels are the same as those set out above.

When calculating the second adult’s gross income we will disregard any Attendance Allowance or Disability Living Allowance paid to a second adult, and although we will take into account any income derived from capital assets we will not derive a tariff income figure from the capital held.

How will my Second Adult Rebate be paid?

If you are entitled to 2AR we will automatically credit your rebate to your Council Tax account and you will be sent a revised Council Tax bill.

When will my Second Adult Rebate start?

In most cases you will receive 2AR from the Monday after the date upon which you made your claim. It is possible to request backdated benefit. You will need to write to the Council to request this outlining the date you wish to claim benefit from and your reasons for not claiming earlier.