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Wrexham’s Community Strategy 2009 – 2020

Every day we all receive services from the many public service providers that work in Wrexham County Borough – sometimes without even realising it!

For example, we may walk the children to school, book a dental appointment and attend a hospital outpatient’s appointment. We may chat with our local police community support officer and check the internet for advice on smoke alarms. We may have enrolled on an evening course at the college or a part-time course at the university and may even do some voluntary work.

As you can see, without all these services and opportunities being available it would make life rather more difficult. So who are all the different organisations involved?

These organisations and partnerships make up what is collectively known as Wrexham Local Service Board (LSB). The LSB’s aim is to improve joint working across its member organisations so we can provide even better services to the people and communities of Wrexham County Borough.

One of the main roles of the LSB is to define the overall vision for the county borough and to set long term targets that will improve people’s quality of life. This is known as Wrexham’s Community Strategy.

Our vision for the next twelve years is:

To improve the quality of life for all in Wrexham County Borough


In doing this we commit to ensuring that Wrexham County Borough is a place where people have a say in the services that are delivered to them, and that their views, needs and aspirations are taken into account.

To deliver this vision, for all people and communities now and in the future, our aim is to make Wrexham County Borough a place that:

The Community Strategy gives some more information about each of these themes and describes the things that we will do to deliver them.