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Council Plan 2016-2017

Wrexham County Borough Council’s purpose is to ensure that the people of Wrexham are supported and enabled to fulfil their potential, prosper and so achieve a high standard of well-being.  

This year the Auditor General for Wales undertook a corporate assessment of the Authority – a fundamental review of the Authority which takes place every four years.  It was wonderful to read his comments on the ‘open, inclusive’ leadership of the Council and our ‘track record of prudent financial planning and strong budgetary control’.  Even more pleasing was his overall assessment that ‘Wrexham County Borough Council’s vision and ambition are helping to deliver improved outcomes for citizens.’  This Council Plan sets out that vision, that ambition, and explains how it was developed with local people and stakeholders.  It highlights the key priorities that we will focus on, the activities we will undertake and how we will judge our success.

It is also the continuation of a conversation that we have been having with local people.  A conversation about what is important to you, your family and your neighbours; what needs to be improved, what needs to be protected and what needs to change.

Public services continue to face budget cuts on a scale they have never experienced and  Wrexham County Borough Council is no different in this.  We have asked you to help us take the difficult decisions we have faced and, in light of your views, have made savings of £26m during the three year period to 2015/16, with a further £5m of savings to be delivered in 2016/17.  But our Medium Term Financial Plan is estimating that £27m of savings are still required in the three years from 2017/18 and the difficult decisions – and the conversation about them -  continue as we reshape our services to become more efficient, more effective and best achieve our purpose. 

The Council Plan Framework

Wrexham County Borough Council delivers, and enables the delivery of, services to people who live in, work in and visit the County Borough.

The Council Plan is the overarching plan for the Council. It defines where we focus our energies and resources, how we will judge our performance and the Council’s contribution to the Community Strategy (see page 45). The Local Government (Wales) Measure 2009 requires the Council to agree ‘improvement objectives’, which are referred to locally as ‘priority outcomes’ and are agreed as part of this plan.

This Council Plan sets out, for 2012 to 2017:

This is the final year of our current plan and we will judge whether we have been successful by monitoring our progress against agreed outcome indicators and targets, which will help us measure the difference we have made for local people.  Targets have been set for the next financial year.  This reflects ongoing work within the Council to reshape services to meet the financial challenges ahead whilst prioritising the most vulnerable.  As these decisions are taken, targets for subsequent years will be established.  To performance manage this work, Members and officers of the Council will also monitor and report on:

The Council will use this document to plan and manage its priorities, improvement activity and service delivery at a strategic level.  It is also supported by strategies and plans that contain a far greater level of detail and are regularly reviewed.  As such the Council Plan is a living document that must respond to the changing local, regional and national context.  It will be formally updated at the start of each financial year.  Some people or groups of people are statistically less likely to benefit from services because of their personal characteristics.  The Council’s Strategic Equality Plan describes the strategic actions that we will take to address any inequality.

This Plan is not a performance report and does not include information on performance against targets.  However, performance management is an ongoing activity throughout the year and performance against target for 2016/17 will be reported to Executive Board in June 2017.  The Council also publishes an annual review and assessment of its performance over the financial year each October, the most recent of which is available on our website.  This includes an assessment of the authority’s performance when compared to other Local Authorities in Wales, its achievement against the outcomes and targets it set itself, and judgements from bodies such as external regulators.  This assessment is a public document and is in turn reviewed by the Wales Audit Office.
Wrexham County Borough Council has set a vision, a purpose, a culture, a set of reshaping principles and a set of values.  These are all considered as we plan how we will deliver on our priorities.

Our Vision

The Council as a strong community leader

Our Purpose

To ensure Wrexham and its people are supported and enabled to fulfil their potential, prosper and so achieve a high level of well-being.

Our Culture: Guiding Principles

Citizens, Customers and Equality - Being at the centre of everything we do

Members - Elected Members as community leaders being at the heart of decision making

Welsh Language - Supporting and encouraging customers and staff to communicate in Welsh and English

Sustainability - A long-term approach to resolving and preventing issues

Our Reshaping Principles – the Operating Model

Our Values

It is important for us to recognise what is driving how we deliver our services and how we behave as an organisation.

These values have been used to define the Council’s Way of working:

We ask our customers what they want, consider their requests, work together to identify creative and appropriate ways forward, balancing risk and opportunity, and then feed back to them honestly what can be delivered, working hard to keep our promises. We build trust and help to improve the quality of life for the people of Wrexham.

Alternative Formats

The Council Plan is available in both English and Welsh from Council Offices, Libraries or to download from our website. As well as the full plan there is an executive summary, a ‘short and snappy’ version which has been developed with the Senedd Yr Ifanc (the young people’s parliament) and an easy read version developed with a local learning disabilities group.

This document is available in languages other than English and Welsh and in accessible formats such as large print, Braille, BSL DVD, audio-CD, or electronic format upon request. To request production of the Plan in these or another format more accessible to you please use the contact details shown.


We welcome your comments on both the format and the content of our Council Plan. If you have any suggestions or comments to make the plan more readable, or for additional/ alternative areas on which the Council should focus, please contact us at the address below. Any proposals for additional areas of focus will be considered as part of the performance management and updating of this plan. Comments on the presentation of the plan will be considered for its next publication in spring 2017.