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Council Plan 2019-2022

This Council Plan was first approved in 2017 and sets out 14 objectives across the four themes of Economy, People, Place and Organisation.  It is reviewed annually and in late 2018 Members challenged that the Plan had become too broad for the shrinking budget and resource which the Council has. 

In response we have defined a clearer vision for each of our well-being themes, reviewed our strategies, projects and other commitments and from this developed a smaller, more focused set of in-year priorities, in line with our wellbeing objectives.  These are tightly defined with clear activities that will be the main focus of work for 2019/20.  Delivering these activities will impact on our in-year priorities, our 14 objectives and the shared priorities that we have agreed with partners such as Wrexham’s Public Service Board. 

Whilst delivering these in-year priorities we will be engaging with local people to inform our next review of the Plan and how Wrexham County Borough Council can best work with local people and communities to support improved well-being within a reducing budget.  Our budget process during 2019/20 will ensure these in-year priorities inform further financial decisions in terms of both cuts and seed corn investment.  These six priorities are:

Alongside developing these priorities the Council has put a new senior structure in place.  Our Chief Officers will lead on the in-year priorities and ensure they relate to and inform service delivery, whilst our key support services are now at the centre of the organisation and will be focussed on enabling delivery of these priorities.

Strategic Planning Principles

Prevention comes first, Prioritise the most vulnerable, Plan for the long term, Consult and involve local people, Integrate and collaborate, Welsh Language and Culture will be a cross-cutting theme across all priorities

Our Values

These values have been used to define the Council’s Way of working.

Alternative Formats

This document is available in Welsh. If you are reading the online version, please use the “Cymraeg” link on the right hand side of the top bar. If you are reading a paper copy, please use the contact details below to obtain a Welsh version.

This document is available in languages other than English and Welsh and in accessible formats such as large print, Braille, BSL DVD, audio-CD, or electronic format upon request.


We welcome your comments on both the format and the content of our Council Plan. If you have any suggestions or comments to make the plan more readable, or for additional or alternative areas on which the Council should focus please contact us at the address below. Any proposals for additional areas of focus will be considered as part of the performance management and updating of this plan. Comments on the presentation of the plan will be considered for its next publication in spring.

Focus on our Performance

This is our annual performance report against our targets in the Council Plan. Please see the executive summary for a shorter version.