Council Plan 2013-2017 - Corporate Theme: Organisation

Corporate Theme: Organisation

Striving for Excellence

Wrexham County Borough Council is made up of 52 elected Members. It is led by an Executive Board who are supported and held to account by Scrutiny Committees. The Senior Management Team for the Council is made up of the Chief Executive, three Strategic and Performance Directors and nine Heads of Department. Services are provided and enabled by over 6,000 members of staff.

Priority Outcomes

The Wrexham Context

Each year, the Auditor General for Wales reports on how well Welsh councils are planning for improvement and delivering their services. They have judged that this plan outlines the Council's improvement objectives, which comply with the Welsh Government guidance and appear achievable; that the results of previous consultation activities with the public and relevant partners have informed the development of the Improvement Priorities; and that the Council has set out high-level targets for achievement during the life of the Plan.

In terms of performance reporting, the Auditors found that the Council had met its requirements but there was too little use of comparative information and no reference to progress against statutory recommendations previously made by the Auditors.

How this theme was developed

This priority theme will mainstream the Council's transformation programme and focus it upon effectiveness as well as efficiency.

'The Council should 'listen to [local people] and take notice of what they hear''
2012 'What are the key issues for Wrexham' Survey respondent

'Online services mean I can deal with the Council when I want to''
2013 'Your council, your area' survey respondent

The opportunity to influence decisions was a key issue for improvement highlighted by survey respondents, as well as one that has been raised by regulators.

'The Council should 'value and support its staff'
2012 'What are the key issues for Wrexham' Survey respondent

O1 – Engaged and Satisfied Customers

Over seven thousand people contact Wrexham County Borough Council each working day for advice and information, to request services or to report problems. Thousands more benefit from the universal services the Council provides or enables, such as waste collection and trading standards. We strive to ensure that these services reflect the requirements of local people, and that this is reflected in the satisfaction of local people with those services.

We will extend the services provided through our Corporate Customer Services Team ensuring we provide a consistent and high quality service. We will extend our Contact Centre and Contact Wrexham to provide the majority of services through a single point of contact. We will also continue to improve our corporate Complaints procedures ensuring that we learn from mistakes and continually improve our services.

We will continue to address the needs of customers who increasingly wish to contact us via Digital channels. We will extend the services we provide via our website, increase our use of social networking and support those customers who need help in using digital technology, ensuring they get the full benefits of digital services and have full access to "digital by default" public services. We will promote the website as the most efficient and effective method of contacting the Council.

By 2016 the Council will earn the public's trust by engaging with local people and using what it learns to make significant changes in the services that it provides. As a result, customers will value the work that we do and will tell us they have seen a significant improvement in the services they receive and how they receive them.

We will monitor our success through:

Outcome Indicator Comparison Wrexham 2012/2013 Target 2013/2014

Improve: Customer satisfaction with Contact Wrexham Services by:
a) Telephone
b) Face to face
c) Web

Wales benchmark information is currently being agreed a) 91%
b) 94%
c) 68%
a) 95%
b) 95%
c) 72%

Improve: Percentage of web contacts as a percentage of all contact

No benchmark available



Improve: Percentage of customers who trust the Council to deliver the service they requested 63% (Wrexham 2011/12) 76% 78%
Stretch: Percentage of local people who feel that the Council takes accounts of residents' views when making decisions 47%49 British average 26%50 Survey every other year

We will achieve this by:

  • Migrating the majority of customer contact currently delivered by departments into the Corporate Contact Centre;
  • Delivering a significant upgrade of the Council's Customer Relationship Management system to support the ability to resolve queries at the first point of contact;
  • Continuing to review processes to make them streamlined and easily accessible for customers;
  • Analysing customer information to ensure we learn from mistakes and continue to improve services;
  • Delivering an upgrade of our website and promoting digital inclusion for all customers;
  • Reviewing and improving the management, quality and flexibility of the Council's 'People's Voice' citizens panel;
  • Highlighting and promoting the existing departmental good practice in consultation and engagement across all Departments;
  • Promote best practice in analysing, sharing and disseminating research and statistics information;
  • Regularly communicate to local people how customer feedback, consultation and engagement information has impacted on decisions, by summarising this in an annual report; and
  • Undertaking a survey every two years to understand local peoples' satisfaction with, and perceptions of, the Council.

49 LG Insight/Populus poll July 2011, which showed a 7% increase on the previous poll in January 2011. This survey has since ended and is becoming increasingly out of date as a benchmark

50 Taken from a People's Voice Survey in January 2013. Based on a sample size of 314 responses.

O2 – Creating the Conditions for Success

Wrexham County Borough Council wants employees who do their best work and 'go the extra mile' to deliver the required service. We also want our employees to have jobs that are worthwhile, jobs that inspire them and to understand how what they do contributes to the success of the authority.

To build an authority that delivers positive results again and again we nurture an organisation where employees feel valued. Feedback and challenge are seen as healthy processes and there is a commitment to listen and respond.

Good leaders create the environment for employees to be innovative in how we improve what we do and the outcomes we deliver for the people of Wrexham. In short, we create a passion within the Council for customer service within Wrexham. Employees understand their unique contribution to the Council and this inspires change, creativity and innovation.

We will monitor our success through:

Outcome Indicator Comparison Wrexham 2012/2013 Target 2013/2014
Improve: Level of staff engagement (Amalgamation of employee engagement measures taken from the new staff survey) 58.9%51 64% 65%
a) Percentage of staff due to receive a PRCD52 who received one
b) Percentage of staff receiving a PRCD who were rated as being at level three (good) or better53
a) 85%54
b) New Indicator
Reporting in June 2013 a) 100%
b) New indicator
Improve: Number of complaints to the Local Government Ombudsman55, adjusted for population that:
a) Resulted in a 'quick fix' or voluntary settlement
b) Were upheld in whole or in part
c) Concerned the code of conduct and were referred onwards
a) 3
b) 1
c) N/A
(Wales 2011/12)
a) 856
b) 2
c) 0
a) 3
b) 1
c) 0

We will achieve this by:

  • Developing and improving the workforce planning approach across the Council, ensuring we have appropriate staffing and skills in place to deliver services;
  • Implementing and developing an integrated human resources and payroll system to improve and support the workforce planning and monitoring process;
  • Cultivating positive staff engagement by developing our leaders and ensuring staff behaviours reflect the values of the Council;
  • Providing our employees with the necessary skills and empowering staff to deliver excellent customer services to all our customers;
  • Undertaking a change programme to reshape services to meet the financial challenges ahead whilst prioritising the most vulnerable;
  • Maintaining a positive and improving view of the Council amongst our key regulators and responding positively and promptly to their recommendations and proposals for improvement;
  • Maintaining our commitment to Investors in People by responding to the areas of improvement highlighted within the Council's positive reassessment;
  • Phased implementation of ICT Strategy actions to enable change and improvement
  • Build on departments' achievement of the Council Equality Award by moving the focus onto achieving equality outcomes;
  • Achieving the Corporate Health Gold Standard by 2016;
  • Continue to update the Medium Term Financial Strategy to show how the Council integrates its processes for developing future strategic priorities and allocating resources to them.

51 The comparison given is the figure from the last Wrexham Council survey, undertaken in 2008

52 PRCD is the Council's staff appraisal process –the Performance Review and Career Development process

53 Under the PRCD process all members of staff are rated out of five. 1- needs improvement, 2 – developing, 3 – good, 4 – very good, 5 – outstanding

54 This is taken from the 2013 Employee Survey which asked all staff if they had received an annual PRCD. However, posts such as school crossing patrols, escorts, caterers and repair trades are not covered by the PRCD scheme

55 Information is taken from the Local Government Ombudsman for Wales annual letter, published each July, which sets out the number of complaints resulting in 'quick fixes' and other outcomes

56This is taken from Wrexham's most recent Ombudsman letter which refers to the 2011/12 financial year

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