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Council Plan - Corporate Theme: Organisation

Corporate Theme: Organisation

Building an efficient and effective organisation that can best support local well-being

Wrexham County Borough Council is made up of 52 elected Members, with an Executive Board of Lead Members who are supported and held to account by Scrutiny Committees. 

In common with much of the public sector, Wrexham County Borough Council is reducing in size as an organisation whilst trying to find ways to continue to function and deliver services.  Local authorities are continuing to face reductions in funding from central government, alongside the introduction of new responsibilities which inevitably have resource implications and impact on our budget.  As funding pressures have increased, and to enable us to maintain a balanced budget, we have had to streamline our workforce.

In response to these challenges we are working to build on the solid foundations we have set – the Auditor General for Wales has found that “Wrexham County Borough Council’s vision and ambition are helping to deliver improved outcomes for citizens31” – to modernise the services that we provide; investing in an agile workforce that require fewer office buildings but who are supported by an improved IT infrastructure and good quality support services.  We are also continuing to invest in digital services, making information and services easier to access 24-hours-a-day over the web.

Organisation Well-Being Objectives

31Wrexham County Borough Council - Corporate Assessment Report 2015.  Published  in February 2016

O1 – Continuing to modernise our services

Wrexham Council are committed to developing our on-line services to allow more customers to engage with the council digitally. We will continue to develop our personalised customer account service, improve our website and make even greater use of digital services such as social media and web chat.  We also recognise that digital is not for everyone. We are committed to supporting customers who are less comfortable or unable to use digital channels and will continue to deliver services through traditional channels such as face-to-face and telephony.

The Councils’ Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure is critical to the day-to-day delivery of services and underpins our aim of developing digital services for customers and a flexible and effective workforce.  We will invest in our infrastructure to ensure it is fit-for-purpose, enables us to continue to modernise services and acts as a driver for greater efficiencies.

We will continue to improve the way we analyse the data we hold.  We will use this to learn from customer feedback, both positive and negative, and to improve services.  We will also make more of the data we hold available to the public through our publication and Freedom Of Information (FOI) schemes.

Our long term vision is to: have modern, efficient ICT services that support the delivery of digital services to our customers and employees and allows us to understand and respond quickly to the changing needs and demands of the County Borough.

In the short term, to achieve this we will:

In the medium to long term, to achieve this we will:

We will monitor progress through:

Outcome Indicator Wrexham 2015/2016 Wrexham 2016/2017 Target 2016/2017

Sustain: Customer satisfaction with all Council services32

  • a) All customers
  • b) Welsh language customers
a) 80% b) 79.3% (Quarter 3)
  • a) 80%
  • b) 80%
Sustain: Percentage of customers who feel it is easy to access Council services 95%

89% (Quarter 3)


Stretch: Grow the percentage of customers who are signed up to an on-line self-service account 4% 24% (Quarter 3) Improve
Sustain: Increase the number of customers who engage with the council digitally - 26,642 (Quarter 3) Increase on the baseline

32 Customer satisfaction measures satisfaction with all Council services and is collated from around 2000 survey responses each year. All Welsh language responses are analysed and included in overall figures, but will only be reported as a performance statistic where sufficient returns are available as to be statistically valid.

O2 – Supporting a resilient Council

Wrexham County Borough Council works to ensure that the people of Wrexham are supported to fulfil their potential to prosper, and achieve a high standard of well-being.  The growing financial pressures we continue to face and the rapidly changing context in which we work mean that to do this effectively we need to have a workforce that is flexible, focused and effective.

We must become a smaller, leaner, organisation with a workforce that embodies our values and performs to the best of its ability, to deliver our promises to our customers.  We want to be a good employer and seek to recruit the best and retain our talent through focused workforce development and support.  We recognise that a highly engaged workforce increases service delivery and quality and so we aim to sustain levels of employee engagement in the short term and aim to then increase levels in future years.  Key to this is our support of learning and development that enables our workforce to reach its full potential.  We want our workforce to be proud of the work they do for our customers and strive to make the Council a success.

To build an authority that delivers positive results again and again, we have put a framework in place to ensure that our workforce is valued and recognised.  That feedback and challenge are seen as healthy processes and there is a commitment to listen and to act.  Good leaders will foster the right environment for employees to be innovative in how they improve what we do and the outcomes that are delivered for the people of Wrexham. 

Our long term vision is to: Maintain an efficient and engaged workforce, who are proud to work for the Council and who embody the Council’s values.

In the short term, to achieve this we will:

In the medium to long term, to achieve this we will:

We will monitor progress through:

Outcome Indicator Wrexham 2015/2016 Wrexham 2016/2017 Target 2017/2018
Stretch: Percentage of staff due to receive a PR&D33 who received one 94.8%34 Reports Q1 95%
Sustain: Level of employee engagement (Amalgamation of employee engagement measures taken from the employee survey) 61%35 59% 59%
Sustain: The percentage of employees responding positively that ‘I have the opportunity to develop and improve my potential’ 52%36 43% 43%

33 PR&D is the Council’s staff appraisal process – the Performance Review and Development process. Some staff are not due to have a PR&D for legitimate reasons such as being on maternity leave.

34 This figure excludes staff from one department due to issues over data quality

35 The staff survey was completed in April 2015 and so results have previously been included in 2014/15 performance reports.

36 See previous footnote