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Council Plan 2014-2017 - Corporate Theme: Organisation

Corporate Theme: Organisation

Striving for Excellence

Wrexham County Borough Council is made up of 52 elected Members and is led by an Executive Board who are supported and held to account by Scrutiny Committees. The senior leadership structure is one of the smallest and most cost effective in Wales.

Services are currently provided and enabled by over 6,000 members of staff but the Council has to make at least £45m savings over the next five years. Staff numbers have already begun to reduce in line with the streamlining of managers, but as the Council reshapes services and continues to become a more efficient organisation the scale and speed of these reductions will have to increase in order to tackle the funding pressures we face.

Priority Outcomes

The Wrexham Context

The Auditor General for Wales has indicated that he will make no recommendations or proposals for improvement in his annual report on Wrexham County Borough Council. 

Once the final report is published it will be available at www.wao.gov.uk and is expected to find that the  Wrexham County Borough Council is well placed to secure continuous improvement in 2014-15 as the improved corporate arrangements begin to deliver the anticipated improvements in service performance.

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How this theme was developed

This priority theme reflects the Council’s Organisational Development and Workforce Strategy, as well as the customer focus and consultation & engagement strategies.

'Online services mean I can deal with the Council when I want to''
2013 'Your council, your area' survey respondent

The opportunity to influence decisions was a key issue for improvement highlighted by survey respondents, as well as one that has been raised by regulators.

'The people of the area should be listened to and not ignored’’'
2013 ‘You Choose’ Survey responden

O1 – Engaged and Satisfied Customers

Over seven thousand people contact Wrexham County Borough Council each working day for advice and information, to request services or to report problems.  We recognise that the standard of customer service customers receive will influence their view of the Council and potentially of Wrexham the place. We also recognise that customers’ expectations are rising at a time when all Councils are striving for efficiencies.

We aim to address these challenges by making the best use of innovative technology to deliver quality, cost effective services. We will invest in our on line services creating a 24 hour Council, transform our services to make them simple to deliver and easy for customers to access and we will maximise the use of social media.

We will improve the way we learn from customer feedback, both positive and negative, and use this to improve services. We will also invest in our staff, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge to support customers and resolve queries at the point of contact wherever possible.

We will improve the way we engage with local people to understand their opinions, needs and preferences and use this information to plan and deliver effective, efficient and inclusive services.  The 2013 National Survey for Wales found that only 25% of respondents in Wrexham feel they can influence decisions affecting the local area.  We will strive to improve the way we understand and respond to citizens so that people have a genuine influence on the local decisions that affect them.  We will improve the way we provide information and carry out research and consultation, and overtime strengthen and develop our approaches to collaboration and empowerment and the coproduction and design of services.

We will monitor our success through:

Outcome Indicator Comparison (Wrexham 2012/13) Wrexham 2013/14 Target 2014/15

Improve: Customer satisfaction with all Council services

No benchmark available 72% 74%

Improve: Percentage of people in Wrexham who feel the Authority provides high quality services

Wales benchmark: 57%



Sustain: Percentage of customers who feel it is easy to access Council services No benchmark available 99% 99%
Improve: Percentage of customers who use on line services to transact with the Council No benchmark available 5% 15%
Improve: Percentage of local people who feel that they can influence decisions affecting the local area 24%45 Welsh average 25%46 26%

We will achieve this by:

45 National survey for Wales 2012/13 results published on Stats Wales in May 2013 (sample size 14,400)

46 National survey for Wales 2012/13 results published on Stats Wales in May 2013 (sample size 600).

O2 – Creating the Conditions for Success

Wrexham County Borough Council works to ensure that the people of Wrexham are supported to fulfil their potential and to prosper, but must do so whilst reshaping its services to meet the unprecedented financial challenges ahead whilst prioritising the most vulnerable.  To achieve this will require a more efficient organisation, and employees who do their best work and ‘go the extra mile’ to deliver and enable the delivery of required services.  We will reduce in size as an organisation, but as we do we will continue to invest in our staff and their potential.  We want our employees to have jobs that are worthwhile; jobs that inspire them; and for them to understand how, what they do contributes to the success of the authority. 

To build an authority that delivers positive results again and again we nurture an organisation where employees feel valued.  Feedback and challenge are seen as healthy processes and there is a commitment to listen and respond.

Good leaders create the environment for employees to be innovative about how we improve what we do and the outcomes we deliver for the people of Wrexham.  In short, we create a passion within the Council for customer service within Wrexham.  Employees understand their unique contribution to the Council and this inspires change, creativity and innovation.

We will monitor our success through:

Outcome Indicator Comparison (Wrexham 2012/13) Wrexham 2013/14 Target 2014/15
Improve: Level of staff engagement (Amalgamation of employee engagement measures taken from the new staff survey) 58.9%47 64% 65%
Stretch: Percentage of staff due to receive a PRCD48 who received one - 85%49 100%
Improve: The percentage of employees responding positively that ‘I have the opportunity to develop and improve to my full potential’ 53% 50% 53%

We will achieve this by:

47The comparison given is the figure from the last Wrexham Council survey, undertaken in 2008

48PRCD is the Council’s staff appraisal process – the Performance Review and Career Development process

49This is taken from the 2013 Employee Survey which asked all staff if they had received an annual PRCD although some posts such as school crossing patrols, escorts, caterers and repair trades are not covered by the PRCD scheme. A number of non-returns means that more recent data has not been repoted due to data quality issues.