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Anti-Social Behaviour and Nuisance

Your home should be a place of safety and enjoyment and it is your right to live in peace and safety.

Wrexham County Borough Council is committed to provide decent homes in a safe environment for people who need them.

Noise and Nuisance

Nuisance includes persistent noise from music, dogs, car engines etc. which may cause distress to others. It is essential that you respect your neighbours' privacy and comfort and that you do not cause noise or annoyance to others. Nuisance may amount to a breach of covenant in your Lease and action may be taken against you. In serious cases you could lose your home.

Controlling noise

Here is some practical advice:

  • Talk to your neighbours about whether any noises you make can be heard in their homes
  • Remember that speech can carry as much as any other sound, especially at night
  • Keep music at acceptable levels, especially if you have the windows open
  • Do not put stereos and radios against shared walls. Put them on carpet or rubber to help deaden the vibration
  • Turn all music down after 11pm until 7am or use headphones
  • If you have a dog do not leave it constantly barking in your home or out in the garden
  • Do all your domestic cleaning or DIY activities at reasonable hours of the day

Dealing with noise nuisance

1. Caused by another leaseholder

If you experience noise nuisance, these are the steps you should take to try to resolve it:

  • Firstly, contact your neighbour and ask them, in a reasonable manner, to stop the noise
  • You could also contact the Council's Environmental Health department for advice. In some cases they maybe able to prosecute
  • You could take private action through the courts against the person causing the noise. You should get advice from your solicitor or the Citizens Advice Bureau

2. Caused by a council tenant

  • Firstly, contact your neighbour and ask them, in a reasonable manner, to stop the noise.
  • If the noise continues, you should contact your local housing office. You will be asked to keep a diary of the times, dates and type of noise. The Housing Office will explain why you need to keep these diary sheets and the best way of completing them. We will investigate your complaint and if there is a need take court action against the offenders

Housing Enforcement Team

A Housing Enforcement Team has been set up to deal with serious cases of nuisance and anti-social behaviour caused by council tenants. When you report a problem to your local Housing Office, a Housing Officer will investigate the matter. This may include contacting the perpetrators and working together with other Council Departments such as Environmental Services, in cases of fly tipping or noise nuisance, Social Services and the Youth Offending Service and outside agencies such as the Police.

If a situation becomes worse or for more serious matters the problem will be referred to the Tenancy Enforcement Team.


What happens next?

When the Tenancy Enforcement Team receives a report of anti social behaviour from a Housing Officer, they will contact you to discuss the problem.

There are a number of ways available to help combat anti social behaviour, some involve court action, others do not.

Once they understand the problems you are experiencing, they can decide on the course of action to take. Action can include:

  • Acceptable Behaviour Contracts to deter offenders
  • Injunctions
  • Anti Social Behaviour Orders to deter offenders from continued anti social behaviour
  • Evictions - where appropriate and as a last resort