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8 March 2017

Response to Wrexham Bus Station Press and Social Media Articles

Wrexham Council has responded to concerns raised about anti-social behaviour in and around Wrexham Bus Station highlighted recently on social media.

In a statement Cllr Hugh Jones, Lead Member for Communities and Partnerships, has reassured people that action is being taken and progress is being made:

“Many of the pictures are old photographs and do not represent the progress being made. Whilst this is a problem faced by many towns and cities across the Country, Wrexham has a proactive and innovative approach, combining the PSPO with action to tackle the underlying issues of substance misuse. Wrexham Town is a safe place for residents and visitors.

Over the past few months considerable progress has been made with partner organisations including the council, third sector voluntary organisations, Wrexham Police and BCUHB to reduce the amount of inappropriate and unacceptable anti-social behaviour, including being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, in the town centre.

We now have a multi-agency strategic plan in place which addresses the issues highlighted which aims to ensure that Wrexham is a safe place. The plan is supported by a Public Protection Spaces Order which allows the police and enforcement officers to take action against offenders. Issuing a PSPO fine, however, is the last resort and partners now take a far more coordinated approach which is making a difference to the amount of anti-social behaviour witnessed recently.

Funding has also been put in place to support additional police presence, extra security at the bus station itself, rough sleeper outreach workers, clean-up operations, increased capacity for the Harm Reduction Team, additional equipment for the homeless Shelter at Ty Nos, a single point of contact re needle pick-ups and training to support the partnership response.

Overall, the approach is beginning to make a difference but the problem, which is not unique to Wrexham, is one that we will continue to take action about and I can assure people that we will continue to work in partnership with all agencies to make further improvements.”