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16 March 2017

Mayor welcomes Armed Forces veterans to gathering at Guildhall

Scores of veterans attended a reception at the Wrexham Guildhall last week.

The event was organised by Wrexham Mayor Cllr John Pritchard; Cllr David Griffiths, Armed Forces Champion for Wrexham, and Keith Pritchard, Chairman of the Wrexham Branch of the Royal Navy Association.

Attendees were given a speech by Cllr Pritchard in the Council Chamber, before being served refreshments.

During the event, Cllr Pritchard was also presented with a shield on behalf of the Royal Navy Association.

Cllr John Pritchard, the Mayor of Wrexham, said: “During my tenure as the Mayor, I’ve attended a lot of events where many of Wrexham’s veterans have been in attendance.

“But I noticed that while I’d had the fortune to meet Wrexham’s veterans, I’d never once been at an event where they were all in attendance.

“Wrexham’s veteran community spans generations, with men and women having served in a number of different conflicts throughout the past 75 years. Each and every member of that community deserves our gratitude, and I wanted to hold an event where they were all welcomed and had the chance to meet one another.

“And fundamentally, I just wanted to thank them for everything they’ve done.”

Cllr David Griffiths, Armed Forces Champion for Wrexham Council, said: “The contributions made by the Armed Forces Community to Wrexham cannot be overstated, and the debt that we owe them cannot be exaggerated.

“I’m very grateful to Cllr Pritchard and to Keith Pritchard for having organised this event.”