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08 March 2017

Public invited to stay informed of council developments through My Updates bulletins

Residents and service users can save themselves the time of contacting the council to stay updated on important services by signing up to an e-mail bulletin system.

The My Updates service gives members of the public the opportunity to keep up to date with developments, events and changes in those services which they feel affect them the most, including schools, roadworks, consultations, weather warnings and waste collections.

Thousands of people have already signed up to My Updates, with more than 12,000 residents and clients using it to keep up to date with Council News, WCBC’s monthly e-newsletter.

Users can sign up directly via the council’s website, at www.wrexham.gov.uk/register, with more than 40 topics available for subscription.

Each topic provides frequent e-mail reminders and bulletins.

For example, subscribers to the Bin Collection Reminder topic receive a brief weekly e-mail the day before their bins are due to be picked up, reminding them which containers to put out.

Residents can also use My Update to stay informed of key dates during the upcoming Local Elections in May.

Cllr Bob Dutton, Lead Member for Corporate Services and Health and Safety, said: “Increasingly, more and more services will take on a digital face as the online world becomes a more prominent part of our daily lives.

“While service delivery will, of course, always take place in the real world, it’s becoming much easier for people to stay up to date with all of our services online.

My Updates is a very easy feature to use and the bulletins and messages provided through it take no time to read, but can be of great use during the day-to-day lives of residents and customers – for example, by helping them not to miss their weekly bin collections.

For more information, visit www.wrexham.gov.uk/register