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18 April 2017

Young people of Wrexham: do you feel your views are being considered?

Young people of Wrexham: do you feel your views are being considered?

Young people aged up to 25 years old and living in Wrexham are invited to put forward their thoughts on Wrexham Council’s Participation Strategy for2017 – 2020; a plan to get more young people involved in decision made in Wrexham and to ensure they have a voice on those decisions that affect them.

Their views can be important in helping to dictate everyday services which affect all Wrexham residents, such as bin collections, roads and regenerating the town – along with other youth-specific matters such as bullying at schools, the top priorities of Senedd yr Ifanc/Youth Parliament and facilities specifically for children and young people.

There are also a number of services and groups which work directly with young people – such as schools and education, the Play Development Team and the Wrexham Care Council.

With so many services affecting them and their future, Wrexham Council is keen to ensure that young people participate in discussions over all those things which could have an impact on their lives.

The Participation Strategy sets out how the council wants to make sure the voices of young people are always heard when it comes to important decisions – and as such, it’s very important they put forward their views on the Participation Strategy.

The consultation is open to children, young people and adults alike, but it’s especially important that children and young people take part in it.

The consultation will run until Tuesday, May 23 – so those who want to respond will have plenty of time to consider their views before responding.

Caroline Bennett, Participation Co-ordinator for Wrexham Youth Services, said: “Above all, we want to make sure young people have their say on those issues which will affect them.

“There are a lot of decisions made by bodies such as the Council which will affect young people, but due to a number of reasons, they may not be making their views known – or may not have the chance to make their views known.

“We want to know if they feel they have the opportunity to voice their opinion, and whether or not they feel their opinions and views are looked at during decision making.

“And if they don’t feel they want to have their say, what’s putting them off?”

Anyone who wants to make their views known on the Participation Strategy can: