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15 June 2017

Wrexham Council are on course to achieve the new standard for social housing in Wales according to latest figures released.

A report was presented to the Council’s Homes & Environment Scrutiny Committee on Wednesday to update Members on the progress of the housing modernisation work currently being carried out across the County Borough.

The work is being carried out to ensure Wrexham Council’s 11,200 housing stock achieves the Welsh Government’s Welsh Housing Quality Standard by 2020.

Council tenants are receiving new kitchens and bathrooms, if required to meet the standard. Other internal and external improvements such as new central heating systems, reroofing, garden paths, fences and external wall insulation are also being carried out where required.

The report says that: “Progress throughout the last twelve months was and remains positive.”

The Welsh Housing Quality Standard funding programme of £163m (to be invested up until 2020) was approved by the Council’s Executive Board in February, 2016. Just under £52m was invested between April 2016 and April 2017. This included a £7.5m Major Repairs Allowance grant, awarded by the Welsh Government to support the achievement of the Welsh Housing Quality Standard.

The report says that, over the last 12 months, completed work included 2022 kitchens, 2039 bathrooms, 563 central heating systems, 981 electrical rewires, and 868 properties reroofed.

79 properties received external wall insulation and 540 properties received other external improvements such as garden paths and fencing.

Progress is ‘extremely positive for tenants and everyone concerned’, according to the report, with five out of seven targets for 2016/17 being achieved.

Tenant satisfaction also remains high with the average score being 8.6 for completed works.

The report says that the local economy has also benefitted from the investment in housing improvement work, with over 60 apprentices, including a number who study at Coleg Cambria, being taken on by council contractors.