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Social Services Annual Director's Report & Complaints Report

Social Services Annual Director's Report

The report describes some of the key achievements and improvements in Adults and Children's Social Services 2014/15, as well as highlighting those areas of services where we have prioritised further improvements. It is important to note that the Director's Report is based on the information and feedback from a range of services, including self-assessment by the Council. It also draws on information from regulators, such as the CSSIW and Wales Audit Office by considering feedback and recommendations from their inspection and audit reports. It also considers feedback from service users and the complaints and compliments processes. Our partner agencies, such as Health and the Third Sector, were also consulted as part of the drafting of the Director's Report and their comments incorporated into the final version.

The report does describe a position of continued improvement within and across both services despite some of the challenges which are being experienced and are likely to increase over the next few years, not least financial and demand pressures.

Social Services Complaints & Compliments Annual Report 2014/15

Following the introduction of a revised Statutory Social Services Complaints Procedure in August 2014, a requirement was placed on all Local Authorities in Wales to produce an Annual Report on Social Services Complaints. This report should be presented to the appropriate Scrutiny Committee and made available to the public. Previously, reports have been produced but used within the department as part of a wider Performance Management agenda.

The report was considered and approved by the Safeguarding, Communities & Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee in July 2015.