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Who is Eligible for the Blue Badge Scheme?

Anyone over two years old automatically qualifies for a Blue Badge if they:

If you do not automatically qualify, you may still be entitled to a Blue Badge you over two years old, and we can confirm that you:

Special rules for children under three years old

If you’re a parent of a child who is younger than three years old, you may also apply for a Blue Badge. Your child must have a specific medical condition which means that they either:

Is there a charge for the Blue Badge?

Blue Badges are free for individuals although organisations will be charged £10.00.

If you believe that your Badge has been stolen you should report this to the Police and ask for a Crime Reference Number. If you have a Crime Reference Number you will not be charged for a replacement badge.

Replacements for lost badges or stolen Badges without a Crime Reference Number will be charged £10.00.