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The Carers Needs Assessment Process

“Who cares about you?” Your role involves giving, but what is it taking to be a Carer?

The Carers Needs Assessment Process is available to help you consider your circumstances and help you discover what information, support and services may be available to support you in your caring role and to support you as an individual to maintain your own life alongside your caring role?

More information about the process of assessing the needs of Carers can be found in the following booklet. The Pan Wales Working Group, made up from members from the Carers Officer Learning and Improvement Network, created this document 'Good Practice Information for Carers Assessments Booklet'.

Whether the person you care for will only accept the care you give or if they are eligible and already receive Adult Social Care services, the Carers Needs Assessment process can help you explore your circumstances and what services are available to support you as a Carer.

How to get a Carers Needs Assessment or find more information

  1. Speak with the Social Worker who meets the person you care for; Or
  2. Get in touch with Social Services at the Contact Assessment Team 01978 292066; Or
  3. Contact Wrexham Carers Service 01978 318812 for more information
  4. In the event of an emergency situation that cannot wait until the next working day, the Emergency Duty Team can be contacted on 0345 053 3116.

Who will carry out the assessment with me?

Someone from Wrexham Adult Social Care

How does it happen?

The person who helps you with your Carers Needs Assessment will ask you what the best way to meet is. You can request to meet face to face with someone.

More information about Carers Assessments

Carers Direct (external site) and Carers UK (external site) have collected useful information about Carers Needs Assessments.

To help access practical Carers support, Direct Payments may give you the means to buy the type of support that best meets your needs.

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