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Your Caring Role

If you’re a Carer, you’re more than a partner, son or daughter, friend or neighbour or parent. The care you provide is needed because the person you care for experiences a disability or illness.

Caring for someone can be very difficult and many people find they need extra help with the care they provide. The "Your Caring Role" leaflet may help you think about your caring role, what it means to you and the person you care for, and what it takes to carry out your caring role.

Different Kinds of Caring

The NHS Choices Carers Direct (external site) website has information about different kinds of caring roles including condition specific information: caring for someone who has dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, a mental illness, arthritis, a drug problem or someone who is terminally ill.

Information about Dementia

Find everything you need to know about Alzheimer’s Disease including causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, with links to other useful resources on the NHS Choices website.

If you know someone with people with dementia the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) has produced information on their website. There are lots of practical tips, tools and activities in the sections below that will help you care for a person with dementia. Each section has been written by a national dementia expert so you can be sure the information and guidance is up to date and reflects what we know about best practices in dementia care.

Call the Wales Dementia Helpline (external link) on 0808 808 2234. The helpline offers emotional support to anyone, of any age, who is caring for someone with Dementia as well as other family members or friends. The service will also help and support those who have been diagnosed with Dementia.

Information about Mental Health Issues

CALL: the Mental Health Helpline (external link)for Wales on 0800 132 737 txt 81006. A free confidential mental health helpline open 24 hours a day for people living in Wales offering confidential emotional support and information/literature on Mental Health and related matters to the people of Wales.

Resources for Mental Health

Information promoting choice in mental health (website managed by Hafal)

MIND Wrexham - 01978 366155
Offer free counselling to anyone living in Wrexham. Your GP is able to refer you to this service

Self Help Websites - for anyone experiencing common mental health problems

Information about Caring for an Older Person

Elderly Care Tips (external site) offers information about caring for an older person. Useful information about Senior Illnesses And What They Mean To The Care Giver (external site).

Independent Age (external site) Provide advice and information for older people, their relatives and carers.
Call their advice line on: 0845 262 1863 (Monday to Friday 10am - 4pm)
or email them at: advice@independentage.org

Information about Caring for a Person who has Parkinson’s

The Parkinson’s UK website (external site) has information about Parkinson’s disease and about caring for someone with Parkinson’s; they have a confidential free helpline 0808 800 0303.

Substance Misuse

Substance Misuse – A Quick Guide for Carers (external link): this top tips guide aims to bring together some of the resources and provide brief guidance on how to help yourself if you are affected by another’s substance misuse.

Multiple Sclerosis

For information about MS and to find local support, contact:

The MS Society Cymru (external site)

Information in your Local Library

Information about various conditions can be found at the library, both in the ‘Carers Collection’ and on the bookshelves – see below:

Subject Dewey Decimal Classification Number
Cancer 616.994
Schizophrenia 616.898
Stroke 616.31
Dementia 616.83
Self Harm 616.8582

Extension of the ‘Carers Collection’ of Library books

The Carers Collection is a specific collection of books in Wrexham Libraries, put together as being of particular interest and hopefully of useful help for Carers (i.e. those who look after and support a loved one at home on an unpaid basis). It has been developed by a partnership between the Adult Social Care Department (the Commissioning Team together with Workforce Development), the Libraries Service and Wrexham Carers Information Service, based in Ty AVOW. The Collection was launched in Wrexham Central Library as a pilot on Carers Rights Day in December 2010 and is now being extended to include all the branch libraries as part of our local events for National Carers Week 13-18 June 2011.

Anyone can borrow the books whether or not they are a member of the Libraries, although it is free to join anyway. The collection includes books on Carers’ rights and the law, advice on caring for children or adults with specific conditions, looking after yourself as a carer and books written by Carers on their own experiences. They are displayed together on a separate clearly labelled bookcase in each library.

For further information about this and any other services of particular interest for Carers, please contact Wrexham Carers Information Service on 01978 318812.

Your Carers Role Learning Opportunities

Learning opportunities relating to your caring-role are available; Wrexham Adult Social Care Training Team and Wrexham Carers Service work together to organise training sessions for Carers. Further information can be found on the Learning Opportunities page.

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