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New to Caring

What makes you a carer?

If you are providing unpaid care to a person suffering from an illness, disability or ageing then YOU ARE A CARER.  It does not matter if you are caring for an elderly parent, spouse, child or a friend or whether you care for the person in their own home or your home, you are still a Carer.

Many Carers look after someone because they feel it is their duty as a parent, child, spouse or even as a friend.  For many Carers it can happen when you are least expecting it, or it can occur gradually.  However other Carers may start their caring role after the birth of a disabled child.

Your Caring Role

If you’re a Carer, you’re more than a partner, son or daughter, friend or neighbour or parent. The care you provide is needed because the person you care for experiences a disability or illness.

Caring for someone can be very difficult and many people find they need extra help with the care they provide. The "Your Caring Role" leaflet may help you think about your caring role, what it means to you and the person you care for, and what it takes to carry out your caring role.

You are not on your own…

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