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Shared Lives Scheme

Shared Lives scheme aims to enable individuals to live ordinary and independent lives in their chosen community and enjoy a better quality of life by maintaining and developing independent living skills, friendships and inclusion in their community.

Individuals are able to carry on their daily activities as far as possible.

Shared Lives carers will support daytime, evening and weekend activities so that service users can carry on social activities, hobbies and leisure activities.

The service primarily will concentrate on older people and individuals with dementia, early on-set dementia or other mental health illness.

Shared Lives Carers

Shared Lives carers are self-employed and their aims are to achieve the following:

Looking to the future

How does Shared Lives work?

This service is offered to people with a range of needs including those who require assistance with personal care, emotional support, support with finances and support to maintain a social life. They may also have additional needs such as mental health, physical disability or other health problems, which can be supported by community health services and:

Shared Lives carers and those they care for are carefully matched for compatibility and considerable time is taken at the matching stage to ensure that everybody is happy and comfortable with the arrangement.

Individuals who use Shared Lives Service will receive support to complete a financial assessment through Fair Access for Care Services.

Further information

Interested? Please contact:

Shared Lives Service

Tel: 01978 292066