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Cunliffe Resource for Enablement and Independent Living

The ethos of the Enablement and Independent Living Service is to give equal opportunities to people in their local communities and to empower individuals to take control of their own future.

Enablement is short term support, which is designed to give individuals the confidence to manage as many tasks as possible on their own whenever possible.

For example, an individual may need support with accessing public transport, shopping or work preparation.  The aim of enablement is to develop the skills with the individual so they are able to manage these tasks independently. 

An enablement programme will be tailored to meet the individual's needs and abilities, goals will be discussed with the individual and how these will be achieved.

Cunliffe Resource also provides day activities which are accessed by individuals who receive a service from the specialist team or also by the public who can pay for the activity themselves.

Physical activity is important to all.  Physical activity helps to keep your body strength, gives you energy, improves stress and can help to reduce fatigue.  In partnership with other professionals we can help find the right kind of exercise for health & wellbeing e.g. Pedal Power, swimming, football, Boccia Bowling.  These sporting activities are low risk, so adults of all ages and fitness can be involved and participate.

Basic Massage – Massage is comforting and relaxing, giving individuals the opportunity to have 1 to 1 intensive interaction that they may not otherwise have. Benefits from touch therapy to give relaxation and enhance positive mental attitude.

Sensory – We have a state of the art fully equipped sensory room.  Some of the benefits of using sensory equipment is to enhance the feeling of wellbeing, increase confidence and control by using specialist equipment and interactive programmes.

Bag Books is a UK wide charity providing tactile and multi sensory books to people with learning disabilities.  Multi sensory books can be enjoyed by all. They are designed for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities or people with severe autistic spectrum disorders.  Multi sensory books are stimulating, engaging and totally interactive.

Falcon Print provides training in IT and confidence in using personal computers. How to use the internet and production of the Day & Employment newsletter.  When attending the service individuals are given choice, opportunities, encouragement and support to promote their independence and have involvement in their communities.

Art and Craft Therapy – Art & Craft provides individuals opportunities to relax, to feel a sense of accomplishment, improve motor skills, to develop a happy and maintain an alert mind.  Items are made which can be taken home or sold to the public.

Cunliffe has a cafe on site, Le Cafe which is open to the general public. Pop along and see what we do and have lunch or afternoon tea and cake.