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Key Adult Social Care Documents

The Social Care Department has a responsibility to produce a number of important documents to the general public. Some of these can be found within this section. The following selection outlines our plans and priorities and also demonstrates how we intend to deliver some of our services to the public.

If you would like to receive a paper copy, or would like to request any Social Care Department public information in another format, please contact (01978) 292950 for further information.

Carers Commissioning Strategy

The Carers Commissioning Strategy brings together the main issues that affect informal carers, what we know of their needs and what our current support services are for carers. It sets out the steps that a partnership of relevant Departments of Wrexham County Borough Council, Health and organisations in the Voluntary Sector plan to take in addressing any gaps in service and in developing the most appropriate services to meet the needs of informal carers.

The Carers commissioning strategy is under review and a revised needs assessment and statement of outcomes to be achieved from investment in Carers services will be consulted upon and published in 2010/11.