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Adult Social Care Department – Mental Health

Who are we?

The Wrexham Community Mental Health Teams (CMHT) are teams of professionals experienced in working with people who are experiencing difficulties with their mental health. The team consists of Consultant Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Community Psychiatric Nurses and Occupational Therapists. We are supported by an experienced administration team.

What do we provide?

The CMHT encourages a positive and recovery led approach to serious mental illness, offering you the opportunity to address the issues which may have contributed to your current circumstances.

Following an assessment of your needs you will be allocated a Care Co-ordinator who will be your main point of contact. You and your Care Co-ordinator will agree a care plan detailing your identified needs and how they will be addressed.  Alternatively, if we feel your needs would be better helped in another service we would refer you on to that service.

Wrexham Community Mental Health Teams also work closely with a wide range of other agencies in Wrexham. Your care plan may later involve contact with any of these services, if you or your Care Co-ordinator feels that it is necessary. The service you may be offered will depend on your individual needs.

The care plan will be regularly reviewed by you, your Care Co-ordinator and your Consultant Psychiatrist to review your care and also ensure that the care plan is responsive to your needs. You will be offered a copy of your care plan as and when it is reviewed. Your discharge from the CMHT will be discussed throughout your involvement with the team, and you will be involved with all decision making.