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Adult Social Care Department - Older People

Older People are not only users of health and social care services; they are also people with skills and experiences, families and friends, and a continuing contribution to make to the communities in which they live. They may join in or help run local clubs, or be involved in voluntary organizations. Many themselves will be carers.

Choice, Dignity and Respect are important to Older People, even if their independence decreases in various aspects of their lives. Social networks play an important role in maintaining health and well-being and can also minimize demand for services.

Wrexham have launched a Dignity in Care Charter for Older People. The charter aims to raise the awareness of Dignity in Care and inform Older People of their rights to enable them to make informed choices with regards to the services that they access. You can click on the link below if you would like to find out more about Wrexham’s Dignity in Care Charter, apply to become a Dignity in Care Champion, or to get involved in the Dignity in Care Network.

Wrexham County Borough Council, and its partners, is committed to ensuring that all Older People in Wrexham are provided with the opportunities to achieve optimal health, independence and well-being. Teams have the objective of providing or accessing intermediate care to prevent Older People from being admitted to hospital inappropriately (often in emergencies), staying in hospital longer than they should, or going in to a care home when they don’t necessarily need to.

All Older People who are referred to Adult Social Services, who have been assessed as needing support will undergo up to six weeks free intensive assessment by the Reablement team. The aim of this team is to help adults to manage independently within their own homes after a period of poor health, disability, or a significant change in their lives.

Older People's Customer Engagement Report

By telling us what you think, and sharing your experiences with us, you can help improve services for older people in your local community.  Here are some examples of what you said about the services you receive, and what we have done to improve things as a result.

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