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Parenting Support

By supporting parents we are hoping to give children the best possible start in life. Parenting support is anything that helps parents in their important job of bringing up their children. This support might be information about child development, about local services, receiving advice and guidance about different aspects of parenting and support groups and parenting courses. Wrexham has a Parenting Team which supports parents of children aged 0-18years. Support is offered in a variety of ways which includes 1:1 support, group support and programmes which helps parents understand their child’s behaviour.

The Parenting Team also work with other services to co-deliver programmes or to help them develop provision for the parents they are supporting. For any information on the services the Parenting Team provide, please contact the Parenting Team 01978 352249

Support groups

The Parenting Team run a number of support groups across Wrexham:-

Willow Support group

This group is for any parent who has attended the Willow programme and would like some ongoing support

Family Links Support group

This group is for any parent who has attended the Family Links programme and would like some ongoing support

Friday Club and Wednesday Club

These groups are for any parent who has a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Autistic Spectrum Disorder or associated behaviours.

Polish group

This group is for any Polish speaking parents who would like to know more about what’s on in Wrexham.

Dad’s group

This is a support group for Dad’s and male carers with their children.


The Parenting Team run a variety of programmes for parents including :-

Solihull, Family Links Nurture Programme and Incredible Years

all these programmes focus on supporting  parents within their parenting role giving advice on how to look after yourself as a parent, understanding your child’s behaviour and strategies to manage behaviour.


the Willow programme supports parents who have children who are physically or verbally aggressive towards them.

Strengthening  Families Programme

This programme is for families who have children between the ages of 10 – 14 yrs and is both for the parents and the children as part of a family approach

Challenging Years

The Challenging Years programme supports parents of children aged 8 – 14 yrs and covers the teenage years.


The Butterflies programme is for women and their children who have suffered from Domestic Abuse

Early Bird Plus

The Early Bird Plus programme supports parents of children with Autism who are aged 5-9 years of age.

One to one support

Not all parents wish to attend a group or a structured programme and would prefer 1:1 support which is delivered either in the family home or an alternative venue which the parents feel comfortable with.

The 1:1 support we offer gives a tailor made package of support to parents based on their assessed needs.

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