14-19 Learning Pathways

Learning Pathways 14-19 is the distinct approach being taken in Wales to transform the way in which young people are educated. The approach focuses on the needs of individual learners and their learning experience formal, non-formal and in-formal education and the development of skills which will enable them to achieve their potential.

The learning pathways framework consists of six key elements, some of which are unique to Wales and fall into two distinct categories learner provision and learner support.

The three elements of learner provision are:

  • Individual Learning Pathway: – to meet the needs of each individual, including formal, non-formal and informal strands;
  • Wider Choice and Flexibility of courses – leading to qualifications from a local curriculum; 
  • Wider learning from the Learning Core – including skills, knowledge, attitudes values and experiences that all 14-19 year olds will need whatever their pathway.

The three elements of Learner support are:

  • Access to Learning Coaching – support for learning for all but available at greater intensity for those in greatest need;
  • Access to Personal Support – to help overcome personal barriers to learning;
  • Impartial Careers Advice and Guidance

14-19 Learning Network

The Wrexham 14-19 Network, exists to promote the following:

  • the creation of more opportunities to enable all young people to achieve their potential
  • the creation of better-informed and more active citizens who are increasingly better equipped for the world of work

The 14-19 Network fully endorses the Welsh Assembly Government's aspiration that by 2015, 95% of young people aged 25 will be ready for high-skilled employment or higher education.

The Network linked groups are:

  • 14-19 Support Group
  • 14-19 Curriculum Group
  • 14-19 Bilingual Group
  • 14-19 SLDD (Students with Learning Difficulties and/or Disabilities) Group
  • 14-19 Quality Group

For further information regarding Learning Pathways in Wrexham please contact Head of Service 14-19 or visit our website Wrexham's 14-19 e Learning Network (external link).

Telephone: 01978 297505.

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14-19 Student Handbook

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14-19 School Protocols

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Welsh Baccalaureate - Principal Learning Qualifications

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