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Other Transport Related Issues

Provision of Escorts

An escort may be provided by the LEA for pupils with statements of Special Educational Needs. Provision of escorts will take place after consideration by relevant Officers of the individual needs of the pupils or groups of pupils and the nature of the transport available.


The driver will, in accordance with the agreed procedure, report any incidents of misbehaviour to the Headteacher in order that he/she may report this incident to the LEA. This may result in the transport provision being withdrawn.

Smoking on Vehicles

Smoking is not permitted on any vehicle contracted to the Council for the conveyance of school pupils to and from school. Drivers will report the names of any pupils breaking this rule to the Headteacher of the school concerned.

Specific Special Circumstances

Transport may be provided where the LEA considers that the level of need is such as to justify special consideration:

Medical Provision

Pupils who have severe medical conditions that seriously affect their mobility may be provided with free transport even though they do not meet the distance or educational criteria. In all cases the request must be supported by medical evidence and will be subject to review by the School Medical Officer and Statementing Officer.

Mode of Transport

In determining the mode of transport required, the following principles will apply:

In all cases the efficient use of resources will dictate the mode of transport (subject to the above conditions). Transport may be provided by means of school contract transport services or existing public transport services, that together with the type of transport (bus, minibus, train, taxi etc.,) will be dictated by the efficient use of resources. In some cases one contract bus may transport different pupils to more than one school site.

In particular circumstances a cash payment (currently 10p per mile) may be available for transporting pupils who meet all the criteria, if deemed by the LEA to be more appropriate in accordance with special circumstances and an efficient use of resources.

Collection and Return

Pupils will be expected to make their own way to a designated pick up point situated reasonably near to their home. No pupil/student who is eligible to be transported on a contract route will be eligible for transport provision outside the normal daily timetable of that contract route.

Responsibility of Parents

Parents have the responsibility for: