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School Governors

Each school has a governing body which plays an important part in the life of the school. It has a general responsibility for the strategic management and a range of specific responsibilities, including the school's finances and the appointment of staff.

Governing Bodies are made up of local people and will include parents, persons appointed by the Local Education Authority, co-optees, teachers, the headteacher and may include representatives of the local business community and representatives of the church. The number of members will depend upon the size of the school.

Information on the work of the school governing bodies is available in the reference sections of the main public libraries, and information on how to become a school governor may be obtained from the Governor Services at the Children and Young People Service.

Parent Governors

All school governing bodies include parent governors who are normally elected by parents of registered pupils at the school. Further information can be obtained directly from the school.

LEA Governors

If you would like to be considered for appointment as a Local Education Authority Governor at any school, you may contact Governor Services at the Learning & Achievement Department, Children and Young People Service (Tel: 01978 298715).

Annual Parents Meetings

Governing Bodies are required by law to prepare a report which summarises the actions taken by them in the discharge of their duties and responsibilities during the previous year. A short version of the report is circulated to parents and the full report is available from the school on request.  Meetings are held between the governors and parents to discuss the content of the report.  These meetings are normally held on an annual basis.

If you require any further information concerning any of the Authority's schools or policies, please contact the Headteacher of the school concerned, the relevant Diocesan Body, or the Chief Learning and Achievement Officer, Children and Young People Service.