Transport Policy - Definition of Criteria

A suitable school is deemed to be:

  • The LEA maintained school closest to the pupil's home by the nearest available route which provides education for the relevant age, ability and aptitude of a pupil, and for any SEN that he/she may have

  • The nearest Welsh medium school (whether natural or designated)

  • The nearest Voluntary Aided School

The LEA is not responsible for the cost of transport:

  • Where parental preference results in a pupil being placed in a school or facility other than the nearest suitable school

  • To schools maintained by other authorities where admission to those schools is a result of parental preference, unless that school is the nearest school.

  • For pupils who reside outside the County Borough but who receive their education in Wrexham County Borough schools. Application should be made to the Authority in which they reside, if appropriate.

Age Criteria

The LEA is required to provide free transport for eligible pupils of compulsory school age.

The LEA does not provide transport for pupils attending Nursery School or Nursery Classes at the age of three. Transport is provided from the commencement of school year in which the child attains the age of five.

  • The LEA presently makes provision for pupils for what it considers necessary above compulsory school or college age to be transported free of charge to the nearest suitable school or college, on routes which are commissioned to provide transport.

Post 16 Course Criteria

The LEA presently provides transport to the nearest educational establishment that, in the judgement of the LEA, provides a reasonable range of courses suitable to the abilities, aptitudes and requirements of an individual pupil. The courses should be at a higher level than the previous one, for instance, GCSE retakes would not usually qualify for assistance.

Transport would be available to the nearest institution offering "A" level courses which matched core and foundation subjects in the National Curriculum including Music and Art.

Transport will only be provided for an individual to an educational establishment that is not the nearest if, in the judgement of the LEA there is considerable variation between a pupil's requested course and the course on offer at the nearest institution.

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