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Types of Schools

The following types of schools exist in Wrexham County Borough Council:

Nursery Schools

Nursery education is co-educational, provided on a part-time basis, at one nursery school and in classes which are located in infant and primary schools

Primary Schools

The County Borough Council has:

Secondary Education Schools

There are at present:

Welsh Medium Education

The Authority maintains a number of Welsh medium schools, where Welsh is the main medium of delivery. The Authority also operates a support service for late comers to Welsh medium primary education. Children will receive intensive support in either their host school or, if there is demand from a small group, in one of the Welsh medium schools. Support will run on a part time basis (.5 teacher support) for two terms and will be available from the beginning of the Autumn and Spring terms annually. A high percentage of pupils currently attending Welsh medium schools in Wrexham come from predominately English speaking homes.

Denominational Schools (Voluntary Aided)

There are voluntary aided co-educational day schools which are maintained jointly by the Local Authority and voluntary bodies. All aided schools in the County Borough are either part of the Catholic or Church in Wales denominational groups.

Admission to these schools is the responsibility of the governing body of each school. The majority of places are allocated to Catholic and Church in Wales children who meet the criteria as defined by each respective governing body in accordance with approved criteria. A number of non-Catholic or non-Church in Wales pupils are also admitted in accordance with a diocesan policy. The policy takes into consideration the desire of parents for a particular religious environment for the education of their children.

The Catholic primary schools in Wrexham are St Anne’s and St Mary’s.  The Church in Wales primary schools are at Minera, Brymbo (St Mary’s), Ruabon (St Mary’s), Gresford (All Saints), Hanmer (St Chad’s), Overton (St Mary’s), Penley (Madras), Isycoed (St Paul’s), and Bronington.  St Joseph’s Catholic and Anglican High School is a dual faith secondary school.

Further information for the admission of any pupil is available from the headteacher of the school in question.

Voluntary Controlled Schools

These co-educational day schools, whilst under the auspices of the LA as far as admissions are concerned, also offer an education which is founded on Christian principles and values.

There are Church in Wales controlled primary schools at Eyton, Chirk Pentre, Talwrn Green (Borderbrook), Rossett (St Peter’s), and Wrexham (St Giles).

Further information for the admission of any pupils is available from the Local Authority.