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Nursery Policy

The Local Authority will admit a child to a maintained nursery school at the beginning of the school year if the child has achieved its 3rd birthday on or before 31 August of that calendar year.

Nursery schooling in English and Welsh medium schools within the Authority will be provided on the basis of 5 x 2½ hour sessions per week for each child.

Parents may express a preference for any school irrespective of where the home is in relation to the school, however, expressing a preference does not guarantee admission to that school.

Nursery education is a statutory provision, but is not compulsory, and parents have no right of appeal under Education Legislation if they are unsuccessful in gaining a nursery place at the school of their preference.

Applications for nursery school admission are available from headteachers at all nursery/infant/primary schools from January each year. Parents may be asked to provide official documentation showing their children's date of birth.

When making the decision about the "nearest suitable school" the Authority will accept only the pupils home address and not that of, for example, childminder or grandparents. Parents may be asked to provide official documentation showing home address. Parents are advised that a school place may be lawfully withdrawn if the information given on their application form is fraudulent or misleading.

Transport to nursery school will only be provided by the Authority in exceptional circumstances.

In the event of over-subscription at a school, applications for nursery places shall be dealt with by applying the oversubscription criteria published in the 'Parent's Guide to Education Services in Wrexham'.